Kimberly-Clark Professional Recognizes 49 Companies for Sustainability Leadership in Landfill Diversion Programs

Kimberly-Clark Professional, a global leader in personal protective equipment (PPE) for industrial and scientific applications, has awarded 49 companies the 2023 Greenovation Awards for their outstanding sustainability leadership in reducing their environmental impact by participating in landfill diversion programs. The awardees were recognized for their contribution in diverting 439,227 pounds of PPE waste from landfills in 2022 through The RightCycle program.

The RightCycle program, launched in 2011, has enabled over 1,000 customers to divert more than 4.5 million pounds of PPE waste from landfills. This program helps customers recycle single-use PPE items such as garments, gloves, hoods, boot covers, masks, and safety eyewear. The program collects used PPE and sends these items to regional recycling partners to become plastic pellets used to manufacture consumer products, including lawn furniture, benches, and bicycle racks.

“We commend our customers for their exceptional leadership in sustainability through this program as well as other initiatives to reduce their environmental impact,” said Ashley Davis, global sustainability manager at Kimberly-Clark Professional. “We wish them continued success on their sustainability journeys.”

The Greenovation Awards, established by Kimberly-Clark Professional in 2013, recognize companies for their waste diversion efforts and commitment to reducing their environmental impact. The awards are presented annually to companies that demonstrate sustainability leadership and make significant contributions to landfill diversion programs.

One of the awardees, MilliporeSigma, a life science company, expressed its commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability. “The RightCycle program made it easy for us to maintain that commitment and achieve our sustainability goals,” said Jameson Wentworth, senior EHS specialist at MilliporeSigma.

Kimberly-Clark Professional aims to be a leader in the transition to a circular, reuse economy by reducing waste, promoting waste-handling system improvements, and innovating new ways of providing people with the products they need to live their best lives. As part of its global goal to reduce its environmental footprint by 50 percent by 2030, the company is focused on the areas where it can make the biggest difference – climate, forests, water, and plastics.

The Greenovation Awards are a testament to the growing trend of sustainability and waste diversion programs in the corporate world. As companies become more aware of their impact on the environment, they are taking steps to reduce waste and promote sustainability. Kimberly-Clark Professional’s The RightCycle program is a shining example of how corporations can lead the way in sustainability and make a positive impact on the world.


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