Lenzing Group and Södra Secure €10 Million EU Subsidy to Revolutionize Textile Waste Recycling

In a groundbreaking collaboration, the Lenzing Group, a global leader in specialty fibers, and Swedish pulp producer Södra have received a substantial €10 million subsidy from the European Union to pioneer textile waste recycling on an industrial scale. The initiative, known as the LIFE TREATS project (Textile Recycling in Europe AT Scale), aims to transform the fashion industry’s environmental impact through the innovative OnceMore process.

With mounting concerns over the environmental footprint of the textile and nonwoven industries, the need for sustainable solutions has become more critical than ever. The LIFE TREATS project stands as a beacon of hope, providing a blueprint for a circular future where textiles are reused, recycled, and given a new lease on life.

Central to this ambitious undertaking is the partnership between Lenzing and Södra, two industry powerhouses combining their decades-long experience, knowledge, and cutting-edge technologies. The OnceMore process, developed jointly by the companies, represents a significant leap forward in chemical recycling and will revolutionize the treatment of textile waste.

Lenzing’s renowned expertise in recycling, coupled with their groundbreaking Refibra technology, positions them at the forefront of this transformative venture. By deploying their innovative Refibra technology, Lenzing will play a pivotal role in extracting valuable raw materials from discarded textiles, ensuring their reintroduction into the production cycle.

The construction of a state-of-the-art facility, capable of processing an impressive 60,000 tonnes of pulp annually, will be a crucial component of the LIFE TREATS project. This facility will serve as the heart of the recycling operations, employing advanced techniques to convert textile waste into high-quality fibers that can be utilized in the production of new fabrics and nonwoven materials.

Thanks to the generous support of the EU subsidy, the LIFE TREATS project is set to make a significant impact in combating textile waste. By scaling up textile recycling efforts, Lenzing and Södra are paving the way for a more sustainable and responsible future for the fashion and nonwoven industries. Additionally, this initiative aligns with the EU’s commitment to promoting circular economy practices and reducing waste generation.

The breakthrough achieved by the LIFE TREATS project holds the promise of redefining the way we approach textile waste management. By unlocking the potential of chemical recycling through the OnceMore process, Lenzing and Södra are spearheading a revolution that will not only reduce the environmental burden but also inspire other industry players to follow suit.

As the world grapples with the urgent need to address climate change and promote sustainability, the LIFE TREATS project serves as a shining example of collaboration and innovation in the pursuit of a circular economy. With Lenzing and Södra leading the charge, the future of textile waste recycling looks brighter than ever before.


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