Lindström India includes recycled garments fromPET Bottles into workwear

Move towards Environmental responsibility by transforming Plastic Waste into Eco-Friendly uniforms!
In line with Lindström’s global science-based climate targets

New Delhi, 21,February 2024: Lindström India, a 100% subsidiary of the Finnish Lindström Oy, a global textile rental company offering workwear and cleanroom services, has reaffirmed its commitment to sustainability with yet another proactive initiative. The company is including recycled polyester from PET bottles into its workwear garments collection , aligning with Lindström’s commitment to science-based climate targets and emphasizing environmental responsibility.

A process that involves sorting and cleaning PET bottles, mechanically shredding them into small flakes, and then melting and purifying the material. The resulting fibres are combined with 35% cotton, creating a versatile fabric that merges the comfort of cotton with the durability of polyester.

Ms. Anisha MukherjeeHead of Procurement & Sustainability leadLindström India said “The primary advantage of 65% recycled polyester/35% cotton fabric lies in its reduced environmental impact. By incorporating recycled polyester, which is derived from post-consumer plastic bottles, the production process helps divert plastic waste from landfills. This not only conserves resources but also diminishes the need for virgin polyester production, a process known for its high energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions”.

These fibers can be used to create a variety of textiles, including fabrics for clothing, upholstery, and more. The production of recycled polyester textiles reduces the demand for new raw materials and lessens the environmental impact associated with traditional polyester production. According to estimates from the Textile Exchange, the production of recycled polyester materials could yield 30% lower CO2 emissions compared to virgin polyester materials, as it uses 45% less energy and 20% less water. Besides emissions, recycling also keeps plastic bottles out of oceans and landfills.

“This 65:35 blend offers the best of both worlds – the natural comfort of cotton and the durability of polyester. The resulting fabric is not only soft and breathable but also resilient and long-lasting. This longevity contributes to reduced demand for replacement products, promoting a more sustainable approach to workwear and reducing overall textile waste” added MrJayant Roy, Managing Director of Lindström India.

Recycling polyester requires significantly less energy compared to the production of virgin polyester and blending 35% cotton with recycled polyester mitigates the overall water footprint.

This blend not only addresses concerns about resource depletion and pollution but also delivers a high-quality, versatile fabric that meets the demands of a conscientious consumer base. As the world continues to prioritise sustainability, embracing such eco-friendly materials is a crucial step towards a greener and more responsible future.

“Since the introduction of recycled polyester from PET bottles as workwear, we already have a positive response from a prominent customer in South India” further continued Mr. Roy

Lindström Oy is amongst over 4500 companies with their targets approved by the science-based climate targets, and amongst the 2897 companies globally committed to net-zero targets. The number of companies setting science-based climate targets is growing, and now make a third of the global economy.

About Lindström India

Lindström India is a 100% subsidiary of Lindström Group, a Finnish workwear service company. Established in 2007, the company clothes 1.3 Million people globally. Headquartered in Mumbai, Lindström India has more than three million garments in circulation with its service centers in 11 cities including Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Panchkula, Vadodara, Vizag, Tinsukia & Pune. For further details, please visit

Lindström Group

Globally, Lindström serves 1,82000 customers in 23 countries across Europe and Asia. It provides end-to-end workwear solutions, starting at providing appropriate workwear as per the requirements of the company and then ensuring that employees always have sufficient clean and well-maintained workwear available.

Lindström is a family-owned textile service company whose business is based on a circular economy. With over 5,000 dedicated employees, we offer responsible and easy-to-use textile services to our customers in Europe and Asia. We provide our customers with safe and hygienic solutions to ensure the best possible customer experience. In 2022, the Lindström Group’s turnover was EUR 496.4 million. For further details, please visit

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