Lindström launches floor MAT rental service for India

Unique, Premium Quality MATs that save cleaning cost, cleaning time, reduce & recycle water, detergent/chemicals & decrease energy consumption with heat recovery systems.
New Delhi,  8 May 2024: 

Lindström India, a 100% subsidiary of the Finnish Lindström Oy, a global textile rental company offering workwear and cleanroom services, has launched the unique floor MAT rental service for India.

All Lindstrom MATs are of very high quality and are extremely durable lasting at least 5X longer than generic competition and are maintained in ways that are sustainable, ensuring reuse, recycle for a longer lifespan. Also, Lindstrom’s highly optimised production processes help in saving cost and precious resources by requiring minimal water, chemical and energy needed for cleaning and maintenance of the mats. Lindstrom’s Mat service offers numerous benefits and concrete value propositions depending on customer’s segment and specific challenges and use cases. These MATs assist in helping faster evaporation of moisture as well as trap dirt & moisture between the tufts. Their Rubber backing stays put and protects floors, preventing slips and trips while providing great aesthetics.

Lindstrom MAT rental service benefits:
51% cleaning time savings34% cleaning cost savings30% decrease in water consumption for cleaning90% decrease in worn mats disposal40% reduction in cost of housekeeping incl. manpower, consumables.40% reduction in cost of housekeeping incl. manpower, consumables2X better preservation of floor tiles, carpets in indoor areas

Ms. Gopal Kaushik, Country Manager Marketing & Business DevelopmentLindström India said “MATS in India are not really looked into seriously, and this is what we wanted to change. On average, 70% of the cleaning costs of premises is spent on the floors and around 80% of the dirt inside premises is carried in through the footsteps. Once set up correctly, our Mat Services enable significant savings in the cleaning, maintenance costs of the premises and also increase their comfort and visual appeal in numerous ways”.

The Set of yarn in these MATS is twisted and tufted in a backing fabric and then vulcanized into the rubber.

As per ETSA (European Textile Services Association), only four steps on the mats can remove upto 80% of the dirt from the shoes. Only about 10% of absorbed dirt and grime can be vacuumed from regular carpets or mats. Lindström’s 1m2 of mat can gather up to 2.3 litres of moisture, 2.0 kg of dirt making it suitable for usage year around be it dry summers or monsoon season.

The various varieties of Lindström’s unique MATS on rent include Ergonomic Rubber mats (designed to reduce fatigue and discomfort as well as slips and trips by providing a cushioned rubber surface for standing workers), Entrance mats (placed at the entrance of an office or building to help trap dirt and moisture from shoes), Logo mats/Branding mats (can be used as a branding and marketing tool), Safety mats (designed to provide additional traction and slip resistance in areas where spills or wet conditions may occur) and Scraper mats (placed at the entrance of an office or designed to remove dirt and debris from shoes).

“Our mats are also designed taken into consideration fire safety, so they are suitable for all facilities and companies from hotels to shopping centres, and offices to residence

buildings” further continued Mr. Kaushik.

Rental mat service is an easy and affordable solution to keep the building clean, floors protected, decrease acoustical disturbances and make people in public/open spaces feel more comfortable.

As part of the rental service model, Lindström takes care of everything end to end, from finding the right size and colour of mat, ensuring right cleaning frequency to ensure easy and effective service by saving cleaning time and reducing involved Capex and investment by renting instead of buying.

Lindström Oy is amongst over 4500 companies with their targets approved by the science-based climate targets, and amongst the 2897 companies globally committed to net-zero targets. The number of companies setting science-based climate targets is growing, and now make a third of the global economy.

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