Lubrizol displays SilSense for car seat covers at India’s Auto Expo

Lubrizol Engineered Polymers exhibited a prototype of the SilSense material for car seat covers at the recently concluded Auto Expo Components trade show that was held in New Delhi, India, from January 12-15, 2023.

SilSense material is a non-animal solution which has low volatile organic compound (VOC) as it is produced through a cleaner, solvent-free process than other products currently used in the market for vegan synthetic leather. The new material has a leather-feel soft touch and comfort, and it can be provided in different textures and colours. The greatest benefit is its high durability and performance, better than genuine leather and much better than PVC. It has a strong resistance to abrasion and tear, combined with an excellent heat and UV resistance, the company said in a press release.

“By applying SilSense in car seat covers, we can provide a timeless material of the highest calibre for a luxurious VIP car interior look and feel. It is the perfect solution for designers looking out for fabulous styling in the interior, design flexibility at an optimised cost,” said Vishal Shinde, business manager and commercial lead for Lubrizol Engineered Polymers in India.

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