Mahlo: Revolutionising Technical Textile Production

Are you familiar with the crucial role that technical textiles play across various industrial sectors? Mahlo GmbH + Co. KG is a leading provider of straightening and control technology that ensures flawless and efficient production of these essential textiles. At the upcoming Techtexil exhibition in Frankfurt, visitors will have the opportunity to explore Mahlo’s innovative modular systems and pioneering solutions at Stand D55 in Hall 12.

Ensuring Efficiency and Process Reliability

Efficiency and process reliability are key factors in sustainable production, and Mahlo excels in delivering these through its advanced process control systems and automatic straightening systems. At Techtextil, the company will demonstrate how state-of-the-art weft straighteners and measurement and control technology can optimise the production of technical textiles.

Online process control in textile production has become more important than ever before. Matthias Wulbeck, Product Manager QCS at Mahlo, emphasises the significance of continuous data collection, analysis, and seamless data flow for a company’s success. The intelligent scanners and sensors in Mahlo’s portfolio allow for the online recording and control of crucial process parameters, such as distortion, fabric temperature, basis weight, and thickness.

Advanced Solutions for Technical Textiles

Mahlo offers a range of innovative solutions aimed at improving the quality and efficiency of technical textile production. The Orthopac CRVMC-15 automatic weft straightener is particularly effective in removing distortions in materials like glass & carbon fabric, making it ideal for special applications in the industry. Additionally, the Qualiscan QMS quality measurement system utilises various sensors to continuously collect data and provide valuable insights to manufacturers.

A key feature of Mahlo’s measurement systems is their multi-channel capabilities, which allow for the simultaneous calculation of multiple measured values. This results in lower costs, high measuring accuracy, and reduced space requirements, providing manufacturers with a competitive edge in the market. The skilled professionals at Mahlo’s booth at Techtexil will showcase these advanced measurements on a variety of fabric samples, offering tailored solutions to meet each customer’s specific needs.

So, are you ready to revolutionise your technical textile production process with Mahlo’s cutting-edge technology and expertise? Visit Stand D55 in hall 12 at Techtexil to discover how Mahlo can help you achieve sustainable and efficient production in the ever-evolving textile industry.

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