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Coated fabrics market to grow at 5.1 % CAGR through 2031. Global coated fabrics market is set to be valued at US$ 19,976.7 Mn in 2021.Coated fabrics are woven or non-woven cloth with a specialized coating that’s applied to the surface of the material, or saturated into the material’s bulk.

The coating is usually a polymer or elastomer that imparts particular properties, such as resistance to water, mildew, or sunlight. Coated fabrics and laminated fabrics are used in sewn fabric dunnage to help protect parts during packaging, shipping, and assembly.

Part shapes, sizes, and surfaces vary, as rack bag designers generally want fabric dunnage materials that are strong, lightweight, and long-lasting. Coated fabrics market has witnessed substantial growth in the last few years.

This growth is projected to continue over the next years due to increase in the population around the globe and use of coated fabric in day to day life for various activities. Considering this, increase in population and other activities will create scope for application, encouraging growth in the coming years.

Coated Fabrics Market Country-wise Insights

What % of Coated Fabrics Sales will be Concentrated in China?

The coated fabrics market in China has attracted several global manufacturers since the past few years. One of the key factors supporting expansion is massive industrial growth and rapid urbanization registered in the country.

The expansion of the building and construction sector in China, besides rapid industrialization will continue supporting the expansion of the Coated Fabrics Market. Besides this, the increasing automotive sales in China will result in higher application of coated fabrics in the transportation segment.

Government initiatives to ascertain higher safety standards will increase the use of coating fabrics in the production of protective clothing. These factors will continue supporting growth in China.

How Big is the Opportunity for Coated Fabrics Sales in the U.S.?

The presence of some of the leading players will continue supporting growth in the U.S. Implementation of stringent regulations by organizations such as Occupational Safety and Health Administration aimed at curbing the risk of accidents in workplaces and ensuring safer environment will fuel the demand for protective clothing. This will in turn drive coated fabrics sales in the U.S.

How is the Coated Fabrics market concentrated in India?

The rising demand from automotive and building & construction segments will remain chief growth drivers in India. According to the India Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF), thanks to rise in income of middle-income population, India is likely to emerge as the third leading auto market in the world within the next few years.

The rising automotive sales will create scope for application in the transportation segment within the India coated fabrics market. IBEF also revealed that the domestic production of automobiles in India increased at 2.36% between 2016 and 2020. With sales of both passenger and commercial vehicles forecast to surge further in the coming years, India will remain a chief market for coated fabrics within South Asia.

How is the Coated Fabrics Market expected to develop in Germany?

The growing oil and gas activities in Germany along with the stringent FDA regulation has augmented the protective clothing applications in the region, which is expected to contribute substantially to the demand for coated fabrics. Furthermore, the presence of major automobile manufactures in Germany is majorly driving the Coated Fabrics Market growth. The high economic growth rate and heavy investments in industries such as oil & gas, automotive, infrastructure, chemical, and steel & military also drive the coated fabrics market in the region. And also increasing call for comfort and convenience in interiors of the vehicle is promoting the need for coated fabrics market in Germany.

How is the coated fabrics expected to reap benefits from the Brazil Market?

As one of the world’s largest emerging economies, Brazil is home to one of the major automobile markets worldwide which directly affects the market of coated fabrics. The market for coated fabrics has increased 1.2 times in the past five years. This increment was due to major influence of government agencies regulating automobiles and automobile parts in Brazil.

The automobile vehicle fleet is bound to grow in the next few years hence the scenario for coated fabrics is quite optimistic with forecast of growing sales in line with increasing customer expectations. Also, Brazil is attracting a lot of global market players.

Coated Fabrics Market Category-wise Insights

Which is the Key Application of Coated Fabrics?

Protective clothing is designed to protect the person wearing it from various environmental hazards faced during any particular operation. The protective clothing segment is projected to be the fastest-growing application of coated fabrics, in terms of value and volume, between 2021 and 2031. Every industry has some specific associated hazards. For instance, thermal protective clothing is required by firefighters for protection against flame and heat during firefighting operations. Similarly protective clothing is required across various industries, which is fuelling sales of coated fabrics.

However, as per the report the transportation segment is projected to hold the leading share in the Coated Fabrics Market. The automotive industry is growing at a high rate since its revival post the financial meltdown. In the automotive industry, safety is a crucial consideration for car manufacturers. Coated fabrics are appropriate for a wide range of automotive end uses such as seat upholstery, airbags, seat belt, truck tarpaulin & covers, boat seating, boat topping, rafts, and kayaks. The automotive industry is already rapidly growing, which is expected to drive the coated fabrics market during the forecast period.

Which among the material type is anticipated to dominate the market?

Among the material types used in coated fabrics the polymer (vinyl, PU, PE) coated fabric segment is anticipated to lead the global coated fabrics market during the forecasted period. The unique properties of polymer-coated fabrics such as high resistance to oil, dirt, water, and UV lights is the main reason for the rising demand for the polymer- coated fabrics indifferent sectors of industries, including in home furnishing and automobile upholstery. Some of the other applications of polymer-coated fabrics are temporary tents, awnings, canopies, seat upholstery, and protective clothing.

Coated Fabrics Market Competitive Landscape

The coated fabrics market is moderately competitive. Some of the players are focusing to carve a niche for specific demography. The market players are showing interest in partnerships throughout the value chain, with focus on innovations. Besides this, the companies are focusing on the expansion of their product portfolio to gain competitive edge.

For instance, Archroma, a worldwide leader in color and specialty chemicals towards sustainable solutions has introduced at the recent ITMA exhibition its latest Lurapret N5396 & N5392 liq, a water–based ultra-low VOC polyurethane (PU) polymer coating technology.

Bayer Material Science, one of the worlds dominating polymer producers declares the introduction of INSQIN, a novel turnkey solution for the latest generation of polyurethane (PU) coated fabrics. The introduction sets a new chapter in the footwear and apparel segment, in which Bayer offers brand owners an integrated package of pure waterborne PU technology, material co-development and a certified manufacturer partner program for PU coated fabrics, making a new way of value chain partner.

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