Matic Unveils Cutting-Edge Textile Innovations at Advanced Textiles Expo 2023

Matich, a prominent player in the textile industry, is gearing up to showcase its latest innovations at the upcoming Advanced Textiles Expo from November 1-3 in Orlando. This highly anticipated event, organized by the Advanced Textiles Association (ATA), brings together over 4,000 attendees and is considered the flagship event of the textile industry.

During the expo, Matic will unveil cutting-edge technologies and solutions across various stages of textile creation and design for sun protection, including awnings, zip screens, and roller blinds. Their product lineup includes specialized machinery for cutting, welding, sewing, and packaging textile products, with their newest addition being the Kratos packaging machine.

One of their standout offerings is the M1 series of cutting machines, known for their combination of speed and precision. These machines offer variable cutting speeds to achieve optimal results on different fabric types, while the pressure bar eliminates fabric movement during cutting. Notably, the M1-PC is an automatic cutting table that eliminates the need to rotate and manipulate fabric during cutting, making it ideal for technical fabrics like PVC, screen, clear PVC, and more.

Matic’s welding machines also boast innovative features, with the Perseo model standing out. It incorporates a unique impulse welding system that breaks away from traditional methods. The Perseo includes electronic motion control to achieve precision in pocket sizes and join various fabric types seamlessly.

For automatic sewing, Matic offers the Orion sewing unit designed specifically for the awning industry. Equipped with a movable tray, it ensures fabric remains positioned and tensioned, resulting in perfectly straight seams. The Orion also comes with the option for an Industry 4.0 kit, enabling easy product traceability through QR codes.

In the packaging phase, Matic’s Kratos machine stands out with its efficiency and automation. This packaging machine uses fan fold to automatically package roller blinds and offers options such as automatic label printing and ink printing for unique packaging.

Jordi Carbonell, CEO of Matic, expressed excitement about participating in the Advanced Textiles Expo and emphasized the company’s commitment to showcasing their state-of-the-art machinery designed to enhance productivity and production quality.

Visitors to the expo will have the opportunity to witness the operation of Matic’s latest generation machines at their booth, number 1402, throughout the event. This expo is an opportunity for industry professionals to experience firsthand the cutting-edge innovations that Matic has to offer in the world of textile manufacturing and design.


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