Messe Frankfurt and Kingpins Forge Unprecedented Alliance to Elevate Denim Industry

In a groundbreaking move set to redefine the denim industry landscape, Messe Frankfurt, the global leader in trade fairs for the textile sector, has solidified its position as a key stakeholder in the iconic Kingpins denim show. The strategic partnership marks a momentous occasion as two industry powerhouses unite to foster innovation, collaboration, and sustainable growth within the denim community.

The Kingpins denim show, known for its unique vision and pioneering approach, has garnered a cult-like following among denim enthusiasts worldwide since its inception in 2004. With a remarkable flair for bringing together industry experts and trendsetters under one roof, Kingpins has consistently redefined denim’s future.

Andrew Olah, the visionary founder and CEO of Kingpins, expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating, “Since the day we started Kingpins in 2004, we aspired to one day partner with Messe Frankfurt – we were never really show people, but industry people, whereas Messe Frankfurt is an 800-year-old exhibition company with all the knowledge, technique, and data needed. We know this collaboration will really grow opportunities and quality for both partners.”

Under the strategic alliance, Kingpins will continue to operate independently, retaining its distinctive identity and the essence that has made it a must-attend event for denim aficionados. Messe Frankfurt’s unparalleled global network and resources will serve to fortify Kingpins’ position as the premier denim platform, amplifying its influence and reach across the denim value chain.

Constantin von Vieregge, president and CEO of Messe Frankfurt, expressed admiration for Kingpins’ unique vision and innovative approach to the denim industry. “We recognize the opportunity to learn from Kingpins, and with our expertise, we believe it will continue to be the stage for business encounters in the denim industry,” he emphasized.

Messe Frankfurt, renowned for its textile business network known as “Texpertise,” currently boasts around 50 international trade fairs in 11 countries, covering the entire value chain of the textile industry. Their partnership with Kingpins adds a new dimension to the existing portfolio, further enriching their offerings to the global textile community.

The denim industry has long sought a catalyst to propel it into a new era of sustainable practices and creative breakthroughs. This partnership promises to infuse the denim world with fresh energy, empowering designers, manufacturers, and retailers alike to collaborate and embrace transformative approaches.

The announcement also reaffirms Messe Frankfurt’s commitment to the denim industry, adding to its existing roster of successful events, including Beyond Denim at Intertextile Shanghai and Denimworld as part of Texworld Evolution Paris.

The excitement culminates with the next European Kingpins show, set to take place at SugarCity in Amsterdam from October 18 to 19. This event promises to be an extraordinary showcase of the denim industry’s brightest talents, further fueled by the potential unleashed through the Messe Frankfurt and Kingpins partnership.

As the denim world eagerly anticipates the upcoming event, industry insiders and enthusiasts alike eagerly await the collective impact of this momentous alliance. Together, Messe Frankfurt and Kingpins are poised to shape the future of denim, setting new standards of excellence, sustainability, and innovation for generations to come.


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