New PrimaLoft down alternatives

Both loose fill insulations enable design flexibility and ease in manufacturing.

PrimaLoft has expanded its synthetic down alternative portfolio with two new high-performance insulations – ThermoPlume+ and Rise Loose Fill.

Both are said to achieve the performance and aesthetic of natural down while adding the advantages of synthetic fibres in a sustainable chassis and are already being adapted by global outdoor brands including adidas Terrex, Nike and Rab in their collections for the Autumn/Winter 2024 season.

“Our latest loose fill offerings have been developed to serve a variety of needs for customers,” says  Tara Maurer-Mackey, SVP of product strategy at PrimaLoft. “Performance brands appreciate their durability, packability and top thermal performance, even in wet conditions. Fashion and lifestyle partners are drawn to the down-like hand feel and luxurious puffiness. Across categories, brands value the design flexibility and ease of manufacturing they provide.”

ThermoPlume+ has been designed to mimic the lightweight warmth, loft, softness, and compressibility of down and combines sail-shaped fibres with sperical fibre balls  to increase loft and thermal properties, requiring 20% less material to create the same loft as established ThermoPlume technology. The empty spaces between the two differing fibres create a scaffolding effect that delivers a structurally resilient loft. The durable structure stands up to repeated laundering and wear and dries quickly, allowing for easy care. Unlike treated down, ThermoPlume+ synthetic fibres provide fluorocarbon-free water resistance to keep the wearer warm, even in wet conditions.

PrimaLoft Rise technology was first introduced in 2020 as a batted insulation and quickly found popularity due to its impressive mix of lightweight warmth and durable compression resistance across a variety of thicknesses. Rise Loose Fill also has thermal values, weight, compression resistance and loft comparable to high-quality natural down and is made from 100% post-consumer recycled material.

“The ISPO award-winning Terrex Xperior insulated jacket combining Rise Loose Fill insulation and our special quilting technology is a true innovation achieved in collaboration with PrimaLoft,” said  Allen Liu, director of materials at adidas Terrex.

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