Parisian, personalization and performance fabrics all top Apartment Therapy’s 2024 trends

As the year draws toward its close, Apartment Therapy asked 131 designers to outline trends to expect in 2024.

The annual State of Home Design report reflects on topics from emerging styles to materials that will rise to the top in the coming year.

Designer Catasha Singleton of Modchic Interiors said, “If a color sticks around long enough, it will be a neutral contender, being produced in shades and materials that can complement most other colors,” according to the Houston, Texas-based designer.

  • Designers are also predicting the scalloped silhouette will be everywhere next year, alongside more curved and rounded shapes. These gently undulating forms are equal parts comfort and sophistication and perhaps speak to the return of refinement in a post-COVID world.
  • Some of the hues designers expect to see in 2024 are camels and beiges (61%), chocolate brown (57%), burgundy (56%), and forest green (49%).So, on the whole, palettes are continuing to warm up with the exception of one favorite hue: blue.

Los Angeles-based designer Orlando Soria expresses similar sentiments. “After years and years of light and bright interiors, a lot of designers and clients seem to be finding themselves attracted to darker hues,” he said. “Saturated wall colors, richly colored upholstery, and darker stone and wood finishes will help provide some of this visual drama.”

  • Most of the above-mentioned hues are found in nature — leaves, sand, grass, stone, sky — which reflects a continued interest in biophilic design for 2024.

“These colors help to establish a stronger connection between the interior environment and the natural world,” said New York City-based designer Mina Lisanin.

Designer Amy Vroom of The Residency Bureau in Seattle, Washington said, “I do see a move toward warmer neutrals and a more organic color palette.”

  • Materials the pros say will increase in popularity include cerused wood and wrought iron — two substances with highly textured surfaces.
  • When it comes to textiles, performance fabrics are designers’ top pick for the third year in a row. People want their upholstered pieces to be practical and durable, and a slew of advanced fabric treatments and manufacturing techniques means you can have that luxe-looking mohair, linen, or velvet fabric without worrying about its upkeep.

That said, 52% of designers see tapestry-style fabrics and wall hangings gaining additional traction in 2024, followed by graphic florals and geometrics.

  • “Design will be heavy on materiality: layering stones with textiles, different furniture pieces in varying silhouettes, and lots of vintage pieces, which will make spaces feel collected rather than ‘catalog-perfect,’” said designer Cathie Hong of Cathie Hong Interiorsin Los Gatos, California.
  • A designer-approved hack for brightening up your home is purchasing plants and flowers. Whether decorating with fresh or faux, “adding a little bit of greenery to a room can make it feel so much fresher,” said designer Barbara Brosnan of Barbara Brosnan Interiorsin Ardmore, Pennsylvania.
  • Finally, a great sofa is worth every penny, according to the pool of surveyed designers. “We spend a lot of time on it, and we need something comfortable and livable that stands the test of time,” said designer Anais Chaumien of Design by Anaisin Brooklyn, New York.

Individual and family lifestyles play a role in how many would like to furnish their spaces, according to the report.

“I see my clients really value highly personalized spaces that discard ‘rules’ and historical expectations around their home and instead focus on making their home work best for the people who inhabit it,” said designer Mary Kathryn Wells of Mary Kathryn Wells Interior Design in Nashville, Tenn.

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