Polylana® Sets New Benchmark in Sustainable Textiles with Revolutionary Fiber Update

Amsterdam, 11th of April 2024 — Polylana® proudly announces the launch of an enhanced version of its groundbreaking fiber, marking a significant milestone in sustainable textile innovation. This update sees Polylana® fiber’s sustainable and recycled content soaring from 50% up to 90%, reaffirming its commitment to providing a viable and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional acrylic fibers.

In the wake of recent industry shifts, Polylana®’s steadfast focus on technological innovation and sustainable practices has positioned it as a beacon of stability and progress. The company’s strategic advancements are timely, especially considering the growing need for sustainable materials that do not compromise on quality or performance.

A Sustainable Alternative to Acrylic

The environmental impact of acrylic production, characterized by significant water and air pollution, has long been a concern within the textile industry. Polylana®’s latest development addresses these challenges head-on by offering an alternative that not only matches the softness and durability of acrylic but does so with a considerably lower environmental footprint.

Innovative Developments and Strategic Growth

The recent months have been a period of intense innovation and growth for Polylana®, driven by a dedicated team in China focused on enhancing the recycled content of the fiber. This effort has been supported by a significant financial investment from a leading Chinese textile producer, underscoring the industry’s confidence in Polylana®’s vision and its financial stability.

Polylana® has further solidified its presence in the textile manufacturing epicenter by establishing a new office in Shanghai. This strategic move enhances its operational efficiency and responsiveness, ensuring closer collaboration with global brands and their Asian supply chains.

Launching into a Bright Future

The new version of Polylana® fiber was unveiled in March 2024 at a prestigious event in China, attended by luminaries from the industry, including partnerships with brands such as XD connects, CAP America, PUMA, and academics from Donghua University. Snowden Shi, General Manager, highlighted the fiber’s unique attributes, saying, “Polylana® combines the comfort of wool with the durability of acrylic, proving that sustainability and quality can coexist.”

Polylana®’s commitment to transparency and sustainability is further evidenced by its use of Aware™ tracer technology, ensuring complete traceability of the fiber from production to the final product.

The Advantage of Integration into the Asian Supply Chain

Addressing the industry’s challenges, Polylana® demonstrates the advantage of integrating sustainable technologies directly within the textile supply chain in Asia. The company’s success and operational model answer the critical question of why sustainable technologies need to be closely aligned with the supply chains they intend to transform. Polylana®’s approach ensures that its innovations are not just theoretically impactful but practically feasible and aligned with the realities of the global textile market.

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