Polyvel’s Breakthrough: rBOOST PET Chain Extender Revolutionizes Recycling Industry

In a bold stride towards a greener future, Polyvel, a pioneer in innovative solutions for the recycling industry, has unveiled a game-changing development that promises to reshape the world of plastics recycling. Meet rBOOST PET Chain Extender, a cutting-edge addition to Polyvel’s ReVal product line, designed to propel the recycling industry into a new era of sustainability.

Polyvel’s rBOOST PET Chain Extender is poised to address one of the most pressing challenges in the plastics sector: how to boost the utilization of recycled materials while maintaining the integrity and performance of the end product. With an ever-increasing demand for eco-friendly alternatives and a surge in environmental consciousness, rBOOST emerges as a hero of innovation, helping to fulfill the industry’s urgent need for sustainable solutions.

The mastermind behind this remarkable breakthrough is none other than Rick Wadbrook, the visionary global director of Sales and Marketing at Polyvel. Wadbrook’s passion for preserving the planet has driven Polyvel to lead the charge in creating products that redefine the way we perceive recycling. “Sustainability and protecting and preserving natural resources for our planet has never been more important than it is today,” remarks Wadbrook, encapsulating the ethos that fuels Polyvel’s groundbreaking work.

At its core, rBOOST PET Chain Extender serves as a catalyst for progress in multiple ways. This marvel of engineering increases the intrinsic viscosity (I.V.) and impact strength of recycled PET, enabling higher rates of recycled material inclusion. By doing so, it directly contributes to reducing the demand for virgin plastic, curbing waste, and relieving pressure on our planet’s precious natural resources.

One of the standout features of rBOOST is its ability to maintain the I.V. of virgin PET even after multiple recycling cycles, a feat that was previously challenging to achieve. Moreover, the masterbatch’s innovative formulation is engineered to combat the notorious yellowness index often associated with recycled PET. As a result, rBOOST enhances the quality of recycled PET, not only by bolstering its impact strength and processability but also by creating a more visually appealing end product.

The applications of rBOOST PET Chain Extender are as diverse as they are impactful. From compounding and fiber production to extruded sheet manufacturing, injection molding, and the creation of blow-molded bottles, rBOOST seamlessly integrates into a wide range of processes. As the industry experiences a paradigm shift towards more sustainable practices, rBOOST is primed to become a staple across various sectors.

For over three decades, Polyvel has consistently been at the forefront of innovation, steering the recycling industry towards a more eco-conscious future. With rBOOST PET Chain Extender as its latest milestone, Polyvel’s legacy of pioneering sustainable solutions continues to grow. As the world rallies behind the urgent call for sustainability, Polyvel stands as an exemplar of progress, proving that innovation knows no bounds when it comes to preserving our planet for generations to come.


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