Porcher Industries and Terre de Lin Strengthen Partnership for Sustainable Thermoplastic Composites

Porcher Industries and Terre de Lin, a global leader in flax fiber production, have announced a new technical and commercial cooperation to develop sales of flax fiber-based reinforcements for thermoplastic composites. The partnership aims to create lightweight bio-reinforcements for making parts with a semi-structural appearance by ultra-fast thermocompression with unlimited visual appearances.

Porcher Industries’ new Polypreg flax/TP thermoplastic composite reinforcements woven from these flax rovings, combined with their chemical expertise, will meet the demands of designers for composite parts that are modern, attractive, durable, and environmentally friendly. TDL Technique, a subsidiary of Terre de Lin, is also working on developing flax and thermoplastic rovings to increase productivity and manage the end of life for recycling.

Porcher Industries marketing director Pascal Joubert des Ouches said the partnership would enable the company to guarantee very large volumes for leading vehicle and aerospace suppliers, as well as sports brands seeking high-performance thermoplastic material with a lower environmental impact. This new sustainable solution for thermoplastic composites is expected to make a significant contribution to reducing the carbon footprint in various industries.


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