Promise of wearable new glucose monitor

Seattle-based Know Labs reports that it is getting close to delivering the world’s first wearable non-invasive blood glucose monitor that can be recharged.

The proprietary sensor for the company’s KnowU device has been miniaturised and proven to be stable and accurate.

The device includes on-board computing power and built-in machine learning capabilities and is designed to optimise the customer experience. It is expected to last for years and eliminate costly disposables with a rechargeable battery. It connects with an easy-to-use companion mobile app.

KnowU can be worn with an adhesive, allowing the user to clip it on and off, or on the wrist or forearm with a strap, and will now be submitted to the US FDA for clearance.

As the company prepares for FDA clinical trials, the KnowU device will support accelerated data collection, including determining the technology’s performance through continuous wear on different locations on the body and within more expansive glycemic ranges and diverse populations.

 “The prevalence of diabetes is growing globally at an alarming rate,” says Know Labs CEO and chairman Ron Erickson. “Millions of people face significant barriers in accessing the technology and treatment they need to effectively manage their diabetes. We are committed to delivering an accessible, affordable and accurate solution that improves the current standard of care and enhances the quality of life for those living with diabetes.”

The KnowU has been built on solid scientific foundations. Its proprietary radiofrequency (RF) sensor measures glucose levels using dielectric spectroscopy by rapidly scanning a large range of RF frequencies. It records voltage values detected at each frequency to quantify real-time continuous blood glucose levels with proprietary machine learning algorithms.

It also exploits the dielectric properties of glucose, a polar molecule in the body, including its ability to store electrical energy in an electrical field (known as permittivity) as measured through a voltage reading received after broadcasting each frequency. Know Labs is the leading worldwide IP holder in non-invasive blood glucose monitoring, with more than 270 patents issued, pending and in process.

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