Renewcell Launches Circulose Supplier Network to Drive Circular Economy in Textile Industry

Renewcell, a pioneer in chemical textile-to-textile recycling, has announced the launch of the Circulose Supplier Network (CSN), a consortium of 47 yarn and textile producers dedicated to advancing the circular economy by consistently supplying Circulose fiber to the market. This move marks a significant step forward in sustainable textile production and reinforces Renewcell’s commitment to creating a more environmentally friendly fashion industry.

Renewcell gained widespread recognition in November 2022 when it inaugurated the world’s first industrial-scale chemical textile-to-textile recycling facility in Sundsvall, Sweden. By December of that year, the company successfully dispatched its inaugural shipment of Circulose dissolving pulp produced at Renewcell 1, marking a groundbreaking achievement in textile recycling.

Renewcell’s recent achievement of the Recycled Claim Standard (RCS) certification at Renewcell 1 has paved the way for the production of accredited Circulose pulp on a larger scale. With an initial annual capacity of 60,000 metric tons, Renewcell 1 is set to be scaled up to produce a staggering 120,000 metric tons of pulp annually. To put this into perspective, that’s equivalent to producing 600 million t-shirts each year.

Circulose, the innovative product at the core of Renewcell’s recycling process, is derived from the recovery of cellulose found in worn-out clothing. This cellulose is transformed into a dissolving pulp that consists of 100% recycled textiles. The pulp acts as the foundation for various regenerated fibers, including viscose, lyocell, modal, acetate, and other man-made cellulosic fibers. Tangshan Sanyou and Yibin Grace, leading suppliers in the textile industry, are already offering viscose made with Circulose through commercial partner Ekman.

The formation of the Circulose Supplier Network provides early adopters with exclusive access to substantial volumes of Circulose fiber. By joining this network, members commit themselves to the ongoing development of circular solutions, playing a pivotal role in promoting sustainable textiles and end-products under the Circulose brand name.

Renewcell’s CEO, Patrik Lundström, emphasized the crucial role of the Circulose Supplier Network in expanding the availability of the product. Lundström stated, “The implementation of the Circulose Supplier Network is integral to continue scaling the product. With availability across the textile supply chain, fashion brands now have numerous circular options to design and create clothing with Circulose.”

The launch of the Circulose Supplier Network heralds a new era for the fashion and textile industry, underscoring the increasing importance of circular solutions in mitigating the environmental impact of the sector. Renewcell’s innovative recycling technology and commitment to sustainability are paving the way for a more sustainable and ethical future in fashion.


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