Research Scholar Receives 1st Prize and Gold Medal for Innovative Agrotextile Project

In a moment of pride for the College of Home Science at Nirmala Niketan, Ms. Trupti Dhoka, a Ph.D. Research Scholar under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Vishaka Karnad Professor, Department of Textile and Fashion Technology and I/C Principal College of Home Science Nirmala Niketan Mumbai, was recently awarded the 1st Prize and Gold Medal in the Agriculture and Animal Husbandry category. Her exceptional research project titled “Recycling of Industrial Fiber Waste for Sustainable Agrotextiles” garnered recognition at the 16th Aavishkar Maharashtra State Inter-University Research Convention 2023-24.

Ms. Dhoka’s groundbreaking work focused on the utilisation of industrial fibre waste to produce sustainable agro textiles, highlighting her commitment to environmentally friendly innovations in agriculture. Her remarkable achievement stands as a testament to her dedication and expertise in her field.

Expressing gratitude, Prof. Dr. Vishaka Ashish Karnad acknowledged the invaluable contributions of colleagues, the College Committee, and Representatives for their support and encouragement throughout the rigorous research process.

Another noteworthy accomplishment at the convention was Ms. Prachi Barthwal, a TFT PG student, and her guide, Dr. Ritu Madhan, receiving the 2nd Prize Silver Medal in the Commerce Management and Law category. Their research project titled “Waste to Wishlist: Fabricating Bricks using Post-Consumer Waste” showcased the transformative potential of waste management in sustainable construction.

Prof. Dr. Vishaka Ashish Karnad commended the active participation of both students and mentors, emphasising the college’s dedication to fostering a culture of research and promoting innovation in key focus areas.

Overall, the impressive achievements of these scholars exemplify the commitment of the College of Home Science at Nirmala Niketan to advancing research and driving progress in agriculture, animal husbandry, commerce management, and law.

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