Revolutionary Eco-Friendly Fiber BicoBio Nominated for Prestigious RISE Innovation Award

In an era of heightened environmental consciousness, breakthroughs in sustainable technology are garnering recognition and acclaim. Fiberpartner, in collaboration with FENC (Taiwan), has surged to the forefront of innovation with their trailblazing creation: BicoBio staple fiber. This remarkable fiber has been nominated for the coveted RISE Innovation Award, marking it as a beacon of progress in the field of nonwovens.

The prestigious RISE Innovation Award, known for spotlighting pioneering strides in nonwoven technology, has chosen Fiberpartner as one of the top four contenders. The award serves as a testament to the extraordinary achievements that BicoBio represents, pushing the boundaries of science and engineering to address challenges and redefine nonwoven applications.

BicoBio’s journey began as a collaborative endeavor between Fiberpartner and FENC, yielding a bicomponent fiber that stands as a testament to sustainability. At its core lies an eco-forward design that emphasizes minimizing carbon footprints. Derived from BioBased PE, sourced from sugarcane, BicoBio boasts a remarkable negative carbon footprint, underscoring its commitment to environmentally conscious production.

What sets BicoBio apart is its ability to seamlessly integrate across various nonwoven technologies, catering to a plethora of applications. Its innovative core sheath design and pioneering additive technology, PrimaLoft Bio, work in harmony to enable biodegradation in environments where conventional plastics often persist – from landfills to ocean waters. This versatility positions BicoBio as a revolutionary solution for sustainable materials.

Mark your calendars for September 27, 2023, as the anticipation builds for the grand award ceremony. The North Carolina State University will host this event, where Fiberpartner’s collaborative journey with FENC and their creation of BicoBio will take center stage. As attendees gather, the spotlight will shine on the remarkable strides made towards a more sustainable future through ingenuity and partnership.

In a world craving sustainable alternatives, BicoBio emerges as a symbol of innovation that challenges norms and embraces responsible progress. Its nomination for the RISE Innovation Award is a testament to the power of collaboration, science, and engineering in driving positive change. The nonwovens industry watches with bated breath, eager to witness the outcome of this remarkable journey towards a greener tomorrow.


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