Revolutionizing Skincare: HeiQ Unveils Innovative Synbiotic Textile Finish at ISPO Munich 2023

In a groundbreaking move towards enhancing skincare through textiles, HeiQ introduces “HeiQ Skin Care,” a cutting-edge, 100% biobased cosmetic finishing technology. Unveiled at ISPO Munich 2023, this revolutionary synbiotic textile finish promises a radiant complexion and long-lasting benefits for skin.

*The human skin, our body’s largest organ, hosts a diverse community of microorganisms known as the skin microbiome.
HeiQ Skin Care aims to nurture this microbiome with a unique blend of slow-release prebiotics and probiotics seamlessly integrated into a biobased textile matrix. Unlike conventional skincare products, HeiQ’s innovation offers a sustained cosmetic effect even after repeated use and washing of textiles.*

*Mike Abbott, head of the HeiQ Textiles and Flooring business unit, expresses the significance of HeiQ Skin Care: “Combining the power of probiotics and prebiotics, this technology enhances the skin microbiome and overall skin appearance. We are excited to showcase it at ISPO Munich 2023 from November 28-30.”*

Synbiotics, the synergistic combination of prebiotics and probiotics, form the core of HeiQ Skin Care. This dynamic duo not only restores and improves the skin’s natural balance but also amplifies its self-repair capabilities. By promoting skin renewal and reducing signs of aging, HeiQ Skin Care establishes a favorable environment for the skin’s natural repair mechanisms.

Suitable for all textile fibers, including natural and synthetic, HeiQ Skin Care proves versatile for daily use at work, during sports, leisure activities, or in bedding items like bed sheets and pillows. Intensive wear trials during development have demonstrated the consistent release of synbiotics onto the skin, fostering a well-balanced microbiome.

As the textile industry converges with skincare, HeiQ Skin Care emerges as a transformative solution, offering a seamless integration of technology and wellness. With its potential to redefine the way we approach skincare through everyday textiles, HeiQ Skin Care stands at the forefront of innovation, promising a brighter, more radiant future for our skin.

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