Revolutionizing Yarn Quality Control: Prisma Sensor System Leads the Way

In a groundbreaking leap for the textile industry, Switzerland’s Lopefe has unveiled the Prisma sensor system, a cutting-edge technology that promises to transform yarn quality control in spinning mills. With its simultaneous dual measurement approach, the Prisma system is poised to become the ultimate solution for detecting and eliminating basic faults while drastically reducing waste, splice cycles, and energy consumption.

Harnessing the power of optical infrared and mass sensors, Prisma’s innovation lies in the seamless fusion of these two outputs into a single, harmonized signal. This ingenious combination guarantees fault detection of unparalleled accuracy, paving the way for precise cut execution that’s second to none.

But Prisma doesn’t stop there – it goes beyond traditional sensor systems by taking into account a multitude of factors that influence yarn quality. From raw material type to fault length, and even the hairiness of the yarn, Prisma’s meticulous attention to detail results in fault recognition and classification that is finely tuned to fault length and intensity.

Quality control in spinning mills has always been a dance between technology’s strengths and limitations. Even with yarn clearing systems in place, the potential for defects and customer complaints remained a concern. Enter Prisma’s game-changing approach: a yarn clearer equipped with both optical and capacitive measurements, representing a leap towards comprehensive quality control.

What truly sets Prisma apart is its ability to have both sensors working in perfect harmony, monitoring yarn simultaneously. By merging their outputs into a single, unified signal, the system takes fault detection and classification to an unprecedented level. Each detected fault is meticulously scrutinized, its length and strength analyzed before the clearing system springs into action, ensuring the identification of every defect, regardless of size, mass, or volume.

Prisma’s innovation extends even further with its neps and short, long, or thin fibres (NSLT) cluster feature. Irregular accumulations and periodic faults meet their match with this cutting-edge addition. Operators can easily track the history of each defect – its length and combined intensity – for every spindle, rendering separate reporting a thing of the past.

The beauty of the Prisma system lies not just in its technological marvel, but in its user-friendly design. Gone are the days of configuring or debating which sensor should take precedence. Prisma’s intelligent functionality ensures an optimal setup is effortlessly achieved, leaving spinning mills with the confidence of a flawless quality control system.

As the textile industry charts a course towards greater efficiency, waste reduction, and quality enhancement, the Prisma sensor system stands as a beacon of innovation. Lopefe’s revolutionary creation has set a new standard for yarn quality control, promising a future where defects are identified and eliminated with unprecedented precision. The age of waste and inefficiency is giving way to a new era of excellence, all thanks to the brilliance of Prisma.


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