Rudolf and Dotdotdot Collaborate to Create Immersive Textile Experience at Rudolf HUB1922

Rudolf, the renowned German chemical manufacturer, has joined forces with Milan-based design studio Dotdotdot to establish an extraordinary digital space at Rudolf HUB1922. This immersive environment aims to enlighten visitors about the molecular foundations of Rudolf’s revolutionary ‘Better Chemistry’ through a captivating blend of mixed media, bespoke digital content, and interactive experiences. The ultimate objective is to showcase Rudolf’s sustainable textile technologies while bridging the gap between science and storytelling.

In a joint press release, Rudolf and Dotdotdot unveiled their ambitious project, which will transport guests into a virtual realm of minuscule particles and offer an in-depth understanding of how Rudolf’s technological solutions operate at the molecular level when applied to textiles. The journey commences within an immersive room, where the captivating stories behind Rudolf’s research and development of ‘Better Chemistry’ are unveiled. This space intends to offer a fresh perspective and deeper comprehension of Rudolf’s commitment to environmental concerns and its contribution to sustainable textiles and fashion. Enhanced by a mesmerizing soundscape, the immersive room blends captivating visuals with an emotional ambiance.

Dotdotdot has also developed tailored digital content exclusively for Rudolf HUB1922, further enlivening the space and intensifying the connection between the Italian showroom and the German scientific powerhouse. This bespoke content is designed to provide an energetic outlook, fuel curiosity, and strengthen the interaction between visitors and the immersive environment.

Once visitors grasp the scientific principles, the journey continues to practical demonstrations and showcases the technical applications through cutting-edge equipment. This innovative approach signifies a paradigm shift—a distinctive sensory microcosm that unveils the beauty of textile chemistry, complemented by the ability to create genuine opportunities for responsible progress in collaboration with customers.

Dr. Schumann, Managing Director of Rudolf, emphasized the increasing expectations of consumers who seek performance, peace of mind, information, education, and engaging storytelling that is scientifically grounded. He expressed that the immersive experience at Rudolf HUB1922 fulfills these demands while enhancing the connection between science and consumer relevance.

Laura Dellamotta, co-founder and general manager of Dotdotdot, described the interactive experience designed for the space. A round table awaits activation through the placement of garments, triggering captivating content. The unfolding stories take visitors on an emotional journey at the intersection of chemistry, sustainability, nature, and textiles.

Alberto De Conti, head of Rudolf, expressed the project’s goals, which include unveiling the wonders that define Rudolf, altering the perception of chemistry, presenting sustainability as a tangible topic, and fostering a modern environment for mutual understanding and dialogue.

The collaboration between Rudolf and Dotdotdot at Rudolf HUB1922 promises to revolutionize the textile industry’s understanding of chemistry and sustainability. Through immersive experiences, engaging storytelling, and interactive elements, visitors will be inspired and informed about Rudolf’s ‘Better Chemistry’ and its positive impact on the environment. As the textile world continues to evolve, this innovative showcase sets a new benchmark for the integration of science and aesthetics, driving responsible progress and fostering meaningful connections with customers.


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