SAITEX Releases 2022 Impact Report

SAITEX, the leading circular manufacturing system and platform based in Vietnam and Los Angeles, released their 2022 Impact Report today, highlighting the organization’s commitment to a harmonious relationship between humans, nature, and technology. The report showcases SAITEX’s transformative journey, as the innovative company continues to redefine the way denim is produced and reused. The 2022 Impact Report has been formatted to be reader-friendly and accessible to wide audiences, particularly for a new generation of curious consumers who have downloaded the document to seek insight into how the denim products they purchase are created, who is making them, and if the manufacturer aligns with their own values.

The 2022 Saitex Impact Report is available for view on the Saitex website (under the tab Actions) or here for HERE for download.

With teams across the world, SAITEX has evolved into a comprehensive ecosystem that includes Saitex Garment manufacturing facilities in Vietnam and the USA, Saitex Mill, STELAPOP upcycling, REKUT, and Atelier & Repairs. This interconnected network of entities embodies SAITEX’s core principles of respect, protection, empowerment, and collaboration.

The first section of the 2022 Impact Report shines a spotlight on SAITEX’s unwavering commitment to human-centric practices. The organization believes in providing equal work opportunities, celebrating diversity, and fostering inclusion at all levels. SAITEX ensures fair labor practices and maintains a healthy working environment for its associates. Continuous investments in training and community well-being initiatives empower and enhance the lives of SAITEX’s dedicated workforce.


One of the highlights of SAITEX’s human-centric approach is its successful collaboration of

REKUT (@REKUTdenim) – a brand and manufacturing division composed of differently-abled workers – with Madewell and IKEA. Together, they have launched innovative products that have captured the market’s attention and exemplify SAITEX’s commitment to driving inclusivity and positive change in the industry.


SAITEX’s dedication to environmental preservation is another key aspect of their 2022 Impact Report. The vertical organization recognizes the fundamental importance of soil and water and actively takes proactive steps to minimize its ecological footprint. SAITEX carefully selects materials, implements holistic design principles, and utilizes closed-loop water systems, all contributing to its transition towards a circular economy. The report proudly highlights SAITEX’s recognition as a B-Corp “Best for the World in the Environment” category alongside Patagonia, further validating its commitment to sustainable practices.

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