The newest automatic winder Proxima Smartconer® and air-jet spinning machine LYBRA Smartspinner® will  be presented at ITM 2024 exhibition, taking place in Istanbul, Turkey from 2024 June 4th-8th

Savio is going to be a part of the ITM exhibition, which is scheduled to happen in Istanbul from June 4–8, 2024. Key companies and industry experts will have the chance to gather in Turkey, the epicentre of the Eurasian textile region, to discuss new business prospects, establish global contacts, and present the newest goods, services, and technological advancements in the textile sector.

Savio will showcase its most recent product offerings, demonstrating the company’s commitment to technological innovation and solid industry alliances. We are excited to meet you at the Vandewiele Group booth, located in Hall 7, booth 710A, where you can learn more about our breakthroughs in winding, twisting, and air jet spinning.


In terms of Savio automatic winding, the new Proxima Smartconer® winding machine is leading the way. We have merged the names Proxima and Smartconer® to represent a cutting-edge winding machine that can precisely adjust to the needs of Industry 4.0, Industry 4.0 connectivity, and the Industrial Internet of Things. Because of the advancements, spinners will have access to a high-tech machine with a design that places a significant emphasis on the features that will provide their customers a competitive edge: high productivity, low energy consumption, premium yarn quality, automation, and data connectivity.

The primary focus of Proxima Smartconer®’s design was the needs of the user in terms of making the best use of a winding machine.Purchasing machinery that facilitates expedited work and minimises labor-intensive and repetitive duties can boost overall productivity and efficiency. The same holds true for modern equipment that does more tasks more quickly, safely, and with higher quality while consuming less resources and generating less waste and upkeep.


We spin differently with Lybra Smartspinner®—a multifunctional, intelligent device. Savio’s air-jet spinning machine was created using a unique spinning technology to assist our clients in producing fabrics for home textiles, knitting, and sunshades, among other uses. Air-jet spun yarn is smooth and soft, making it ideal for making both stylish and practical textiles.

Our goal with LYBRA Smartspinner® is to provide our customers with a machine that is easy to use, flexible, affordable, and multifunctional. Manufacturers of yarn may now make yarn at high production rates and cheap processing costs thanks to air-jet spinning. The standard ring spinning method’s preparation is also used by the air-jet spinning technology. Instead of using roving, this method integrates the three textile operations of winding, spinning, and roving. It works directly with slivers.

Space needs for air-jet spinning is 25-30% less than for ring-spinning equipment producing the same capacity,  thereby reducing building costs. Also, a smaller area requires less climate control and reduced operating  personnel. This results in further substantial savings, maximizing the return on investment. 


Founded in Italy in 1911 by entrepreneur Marcello Savio as a small workshop for the production of textile components for the local industry, Savio is today the leader in the yarn finishing machine sector. It operates worldwide in the manufacturing and marketing of automatic winders, heat-setting winders and two-for-one twisters with factories in Italy, China and India.Since 2021, Savio is part of Vandewiele, a Belgian global leading group active in the construction and installation of textile machinery. Vandewiele is a world leader in mechatronics solutions (combination of mechanical and electronics engineering) to serve textile and electronics customers around the world. 

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