SDC International Announces C3M-Expo- Colorants Chemicals  Compliance & Machinery 

Innovative Exhibition Showcasing Dyes, Pigments, Specialty Chemicals, Compliance and  Machinery 
Thane— 11/03/2024 — 
Exhibition Details 
Dates for the exhibition:

Thursday 21st, Friday 22nd & Saturday 23rd November 2024 Venue: International Convention City Bashundhara (ICCB), International Convention  City Bashundhara, Purbachal Expy, Dhaka, Bangladesh. 

International Convention City Bashundhara (ICCB), the one of the largest event venues  in South Asia,  

About Us 

SDC International is a company based in Bradford, England. It was established in 2001  as SDC Global Enterprises Ltd and later renamed as SDC International Ltd. SDCIL is owned by  the Society of Dyers and Colourists which is a registered charity with the Royal Charter and  established in 1884, Bradford, England.  

Why Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a trusted hub of apparel sourcing across the globe. More than 150  countries import ready-made garments from Bangladesh. This market is well-known for its  versatility, competitive pricing, quality workforce, commitment and market access and others.  Since 1994 the exports of apparel have gone up twenty-four times. Textile, Garments and  Garment accessories is one of the principal industries in Bangladesh.  

Event Highlights

Innovative Products: Attendees will experience firsthand the most innovative  developments in dyes and pigments, witnessing how these products can transform industries and  consumer experiences. 

Specialty Chemicals

The exhibition will feature a wide array of specialty chemicals,  highlighting their crucial role in various applications and emphasizing eco-friendly and advanced  solutions. 

Advanced Machinery

A key focus will be on the machinery that powers the industry.  From production to packaging, the latest technological advancements will be on display. Sustainability Focus: In line with global trends, the exhibition will emphasize  sustainable practices and products, highlighting the way industry is moving towards a greener  future. 

Networking Opportunities

The event will serve as a prime networking hub for professionals, manufacturers,  suppliers, and buyers, fostering collaborations and partnerships that will shape the future of the  industry. 

Join us for this groundbreaking event that promises to be a cornerstone for industry,  driving innovation, sustainability, and growth.

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