SDL Atlas Unveils Upgraded AirPerm Air Permeability Tester for PPE Assessment

In a remarkable stride towards enhancing air permeability testing for Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), SDL Atlas has introduced its latest innovation: the upgraded AirPerm Air Permeability Tester. The cutting-edge technology encompasses specific test heads tailored for PPE assessment, including Face Mask Testing and Foam Testing.

With its extensive global presence and unparalleled expertise, SDL Atlas has taken a giant leap forward in ensuring dependable and cost-effective air permeability testing that aligns seamlessly with international standards for textiles, nonwovens, and paper.

The next-generation AirPerm Air Permeability Tester boasts an array of impressive features designed to revolutionize the testing process. Among its key attributes is a user-friendly touch screen controller positioned for easy access, enabling swift and efficient operation. The device also streamlines result management by storing test outcomes on the main controller and facilitating export via a convenient USB drive.

One of the standout features is the automatic ranging system that eliminates the need for operator intervention during testing, streamlining the process and enhancing accuracy. The robust yet discreet vacuum mechanism accommodates a diverse range of test plates, catering to a wide spectrum of applications. Additionally, the device offers an array of daily verification checks, ensuring consistent and reliable performance.

The AirPerm Air Permeability Tester comes equipped with a standard 20 cm test head, which serves as the calibration reference for instrument accuracy. To cater to a plethora of testing needs, the system offers eight additional interchangeable heads. To further bolster efficiency, the inclusion of side drawers provides convenient storage for test heads and accessories, exemplifying SDL Atlas’ commitment to user-friendly functionality.

This innovation by SDL Atlas not only bridges the gap between affordability and accuracy but also instills confidence in test results adhering to rigorous international and retailer standards for textiles, nonwovens, and paper. Whether it’s the United States, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, China, or beyond, SDL Atlas stands poised to provide comprehensive support through its offices, experts, and global network of agents spanning over 100 countries.

In an era where PPE assessment has never been more critical, SDL Atlas has set a new benchmark with the upgraded AirPerm Air Permeability Tester. This remarkable advancement reinforces the company’s dedication to empowering industries with advanced testing solutions that ensure safety, reliability, and compliance on a global scale.


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