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How drives, motors, and PLCs are transforming textile production processes. By Umit Kahraman, Global Machinery Segment Manager at ABB.

The textile industry faces a diverse range of challenges, including rising energy costs, complex production processes, evolving consumer trends, and a growing emphasis on sustainability.

In response, the industry is embracing digital technologies like automation and the Internet of Things (IoT) to transform its operations. These technologies are being utilised to optimise production processes, enhance supply chain management, offer customised products, and enable real-time monitoring and control.

However, despite the potential for growth in this area, only around one-third of textile facilities have integrated automation into their production cycles. This highlights the significant opportunity for growth and the importance of streamlining and optimising textile machines.

As sustainable fabrics and practices gain more popularity and companies prioritise reducing their carbon footprint, the need to enhance energy efficiency while increasing production velocity will become even more urgent. This can be achieved through integrating high-efficiency motors, variable speed drives (VSDs), and programmable logic controllers (PLCs) in textile machines.

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