SGS and FibreTrace Collaborate to Revolutionize Textile Industry with Innovative Fibre Integrity Protocol

In a groundbreaking partnership, globally renowned testing, inspection, and certification company SGS has joined forces with trailblazing traceability solutions specialist FibreTrace to create a cutting-edge fibre integrity protocol for the textile industry. This collaboration sets a new standard for transparency and accountability in the world of textiles, enhancing industry and consumer confidence while transforming the way products are traced from origin to market.

The primary goal of this pioneering partnership is to empower brands to bolster their credibility by providing verifiable, data-driven assurances about the integrity of their products. By harnessing the power of cloud-based traceability tools, the FibreTrace Mapped and FibreTrace Verified platforms, the two industry leaders are leading the charge towards a more ethically conscious and transparent textile sector.

The foundation of this transformative initiative, FibreTrace Mapped, leverages cutting-edge blockchain technology to meticulously chart the global supply chain journey, tracking textiles from the very fiber they are composed of, all the way to the shelves of retail outlets. This innovative platform introduces an unprecedented level of transparency, enabling stakeholders to trace each step of a product’s creation and distribution, ensuring adherence to ethical and sustainable practices.

Complementing FibreTrace Mapped is its counterpart, FibreTrace Verified, a trailblazing concept that integrates physical traceability through the ingenious use of indestructible luminescent pigments woven into the fabric. These microscopic markers, invisible to the naked eye, carry a wealth of information that can be revealed using specialized tools, providing an extra layer of authentication. This groundbreaking technique not only reinforces product claims but also acts as a deterrent against counterfeit products, thus safeguarding the industry and consumers alike.

Launched earlier this year, the collaboration between SGS and FibreTrace has already begun to send ripples of excitement throughout the textile industry. As more brands embrace these revolutionary traceability tools, the partnership’s far-reaching impact promises to reshape consumer expectations and industry standards.

“By seamlessly integrating cloud-based traceability tools and physical authentication, our partnership with FibreTrace aims to not only elevate product-based claims but also usher in a new era of accountability and transparency within the textile sector,” remarked a spokesperson from SGS. “We believe that this collaboration will foster a more sustainable and ethical future for the entire industry, one where consumers can confidently make choices that align with their values.”

As the textile industry navigates toward a more sustainable and transparent future, the union of SGS and FibreTrace stands as a beacon of innovation. Through the confluence of cutting-edge technology and unwavering commitment to ethical practices, the partners are heralding a new age of integrity and trust in textiles.



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