Exemption of imported Viscose Staple Fibre under Advance Authorization Scheme from Quality Control Order will boost exports – SIMA

The Union Government is taking various bold and proactive initiatives for strengthening the global competitiveness of Indian textile industry so as to boost exports and increase the textile business size from the current level of USD 160 billion to USD 350 billion including USD 100 billion exports. Raw material security in terms of its availability including the quality and quantum is the key to grab the lions share in the international market.  Accordingly, to support the industry, not only with regard to raw material procurement but also to enable diversification and expansion of export market, favourable FTAs are being concluded by the Hon’ble Union Commerce Minister, the recent one being the Agreement with the four-nation European Free Trade Association (EFTA), an intergovernmental grouping of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.   To fruition the attempts of the government to achieve the textile export target, the industry has been demanding the Government to exempt the Viscose Staple Fibre imported under Advance Authorization Scheme from Quality Control Order, which would not only help in garnering new export orders but also further establish the nominated businesses.   Accordingly, the DGFT has issued Notification dated 11.03.2024, exempting BIS compliance for VSF imports under the Advance Authorization Scheme.

In a press release issued today, Dr.S.K.Sundararaman, Chairman of The Southern India Mills’ Association (SIMA), welcomed the government’s decision to exempt VSF imports from BIS compliance under the Advance Authorization Scheme. He praised the Hon’ble Minister of Textiles for enforcing Quality Control Orders on a variety of products in order to ensure quality, prevent substandard quality / cheaper imports, promote Atmanirbhar Bharat, and improve the brand image of Indian textiles and clothing products in the international market. He stated that the recent Bharat Tex Expo provided a platform for showcasing innovations in the textile manufacturing process and product development, resulting in enormous opportunities for increased global trade.

Dr. Sundararaman thanked the HMOT for considering the industry’s request and allowing the import of BIS QCO mandated Viscose Staple Fibre under the Advance Authorization Scheme, as well as allowing imports by EOU/SEZ units to meet the requirements of overseas buyers. SIMA Chairman also praised the Hon’ble Minister for understanding the industry-specific challenges faced by both producers and users of viscose staple fibre, thus taking a balanced approach and appropriately modifying the applicability of BIS provisions for imports under the Advance Authorization Scheme, resulting in a win-win strategy for both VSF producers and users.

  SIMA Chief has stated that similar Notification for Polyester Fibre and its raw material products, for which QCO has been issued by Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizer, is essential to enable the growth of the synthetic fibre sector, as the polyester is the future growth engine for the Indian textiles and clothing industry. 

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