Specialty Advanced Ceramics Market worth $10.2 billion by 2028 – At a CAGR of 6.0%

As per the recently published report by MarketsandMarkets™, The Specialty Advanced Ceramics Market by Type(Composite Structure Ceramics, Electrical & Electronic Functional Ceramics), Application (Defence & Security, Electronics & Semiconductor, Optics & Industrial Manufacturing), & Region – Global Forecast 2028″, size is projected to grow from USD 7.7 billion in 2023 to USD 10.2 billion by 2028, registering a CAGR of 6.0% during the forecast period. The specialty advanced ceramics market is experiencing robust growth due to several key factors and opportunities. Firstly, the increasing demand for advanced ceramics in various industries such as electronics, aerospace, automotive, and healthcare is a significant growth driver. Advanced ceramics offer exceptional properties like high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and superior electrical insulation, making them indispensable in modern technology.
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Browse270 Market data Tables45 Figures247 Pages and in-depth TOC on “Specialty Advanced Ceramics Market – Global Forecast to 2028”This report also provides a comprehensive analysis of the companies listed below:
The major players in Speciality advanced ceramics Market include Materion Corporation (US), Morgan Advanced Materials (UK), Kyocera Corporation (Japan), Ceramtec GMBH (Germany), Coorstek INC (US) (United States) and others. The specialty advanced ceramics market is expected to continue to grow in the coming years due to the factors mentioned above. The key players in the market are focusing on developing new and innovative products to meet the growing demand. They are also expanding their geographic reach to tap into new markets.Players have adopted different strategies to strengthen their market positions and ensure long-term growth and success. These strategies enable them to efficiently meet the growing demand for types and applications by various industries.
Recent Developments in Specialty Advanced Ceramics Market IndustryIn June 2020, Morgan advanced materials acquired carbo san luis, a leading manufacturer of specialty advanced ceramics.  The acquisition cemented morgan advanced materials’ continuing investment in south america and supports future growth within the network.In December 2020, Materion acquired h.c. Starck ceramics, a leading manufacturer of advanced ceramic powders and components. This acquisition expanded materion’s advanced ceramics product portfolio and gave it to new markets.In April 2021, Materion partnered with Kyocera Corporation, a leading global manufacturer of advanced ceramics, to develop and commercialize new advanced ceramic materials and products. This partnership gives Materion access to Kyocera’s expertise and technology in the advanced ceramics market.Request Sample Pages: https://www.marketsandmarkets.com/requestsampleNew.asp?id=66180272

Morgan Advanced Materials is a global engineering company that specializes in manufacturing specialist products using carbon, specialty advanced ceramics, and composites. The company’s products are utilized in various industries such as metal processing, petrochemicals, cement, ceramics, and glass, where they play a crucial role in high-temperature industrial processes. The company operates through five business segments, namely, thermal ceramics, molten metal systems, electrical carbon, seals & bearings, and technical ceramics. The company offers specialty advanced ceramics through its technical ceramics business segment. It supplies customer-specific and application-engineered industrial products manufactured using advanced materials such as structural ceramic, electro ceramic, and precious metals. The company offers ceramic and ceramic components for aerospace, automotive, semiconductor, and power industries. Morgan Advanced Materials has a business presence in more than 25 countries across the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa, and the Middle East. The company operates globally through its subsidiaries, with more than 70 production sites and sales offices worldwide.

The company was established in 1959 in Kyoto, Japan. Kyocera Corporation is a multinational electronics and ceramics manufacturer based in Kyoto, Japan. The company has structured its operations into distinct business segments. These segments include the core components business (Industrial & automotive components, semiconductor components), electronic components business, and solutions business. The company offers specialty advanced ceramics through its core component business segment under Industrial & automotive components sub-segment. The industrial & automotive components segment is further sub-segmented into fine ceramic components, automotive components, and optical components. Kyocera Corporation has a global presence with subsidiaries and offices in various countries worldwide, including Africa, Americas, Europe, Asia, and Oceania. A few of the major subsidiaries of Kyocera Corporation include Dongguan Shillong Kyocera Co., Ltd., Kyocera Korea Co., Ltd., Kyocera Vietnam Co., Ltd and Kyocera International, Inc.
Founded in 1996 in Plochingen, Germany. Ceramtec GMBH is a global leader in specialty advanced ceramic components, specializing in the production and supply of high-quality products based on ceramic materials for various industries. The company operates in two business segments: Medical and Industrial. It offers specialty advanced ceramics through industrial business segment. The medical segment offers ceramic components for orthopedics, dentistry, veterinary medicine, and medical equipment. Additionally, the industrial segment focuses on the development and manufacturing of components for automotive, defense, electronics, and industrial machinery manufacturing. Ceramtec’ s Industrial segment offers a wide portfolio of approximately 200 products and applications. This includes cutting tools, wear protection solutions, and ceramic components for the automotive industry. The company offers more than 10,000 products and components manufactured in 17 production facilities located in Europe, US, and Asia Pacific.

CoorsTek INC is engaged in the development and manufacturing of specialty advanced ceramics. It manufactures specialty advanced ceramics, semiconductor tooling, plastic tubing, medical devices, and other industrial products. The company develops and manufactures a variety of specialty advanced ceramics that can withstand extremely harsh environments and offer outstanding performance. It is working on improving its current technologies and providing critical components, assemblies, and engineered solutions to major industries worldwide. The company mainly serves the aerospace & defense, semiconductor, oil & gas, automotive, chemicals, and household durables industries, as well as heavy industries such as rail, energy, and mining. The company has developed more than 400 engineered ceramic materials for different end-use industries. It has emphasized the development of customized solutions that satisfy specific end-use requirements. CoorsTek INC has a strong business presence across North America, Asia Pacific, and Europe. The company has nearly 30 production sites in approximately ten jurisdictions worldwide, serving over 10,000 customers in more than 70 countries.

Materion Corporation is a global leader in advanced materials solutions, such as advanced ceramics. The corporation was formed in 1926 and is headquartered in Mayfield Heights, Ohio, USA. Materion employs approximately 2,500 people. Materion’s advanced ceramics business segment manufactures a variety of ceramic materials such as alumina, zirconia, silicon carbide, and silicon nitride. These materials are employed in a wide range of applications, such as aerospace and defence, industrial, electronics, and medical. Because of their great strength, wear resistance, and temperature stability, advanced ceramics are utilised in aircraft engines, missile components, and other applications in the aerospace and defence industries. Materion Corporation, a global leader in advanced materials solutions, including advanced ceramics, has a global presence with manufacturing facilities in the United States, Europe, and Asia, and sales offices in over 20 countries around the world. This allows the company to serve its customers around the world and to meet the growing demand for advanced ceramics in a wide range of applications. Materion is committed to providing its customers with high-quality products and solutions that meet their needs.

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