Spencer Textile Industries innovating in packaging

Spencer Textile Industries Group has been providing personalised protection and packaging solutions through added-value and innovation. It has been producing high-quality agricultural fabrics which include products such as shade covers, anti-insect mesh, geotextile, and industrial packaging solutions such as bags and jute sacks, besides quality ropes.

“At Spencer Textile Industries Group, the goal is to exceed their customers’ expectations as a world-quality supplier. They work under the motto of continuous improvement. Their team of experts works closely with each client through personalised attention and a focus on customising products specifically for each organisation,” the company says.

Each product can be designed entirely to clients’ needs. Whether it be an alteration for a unique measurement or an entirely new product, Spencer Textile Industries Group can take care of it, the company says.

Their product selection includes high-quality jute sacks made up of natural jute fibres with a capacity of up to 69 kilograms. These are available in three different options depending on weight. Agricultural fabrics include various products such as shade covers, anti-insect mesh, and geotextile.

Additionally, Spencer Textile Industries Group produces high-quality ropes, agricultural thread, protective masks, and biosecurity suits.

Spencer Textile Industries Group is a family-owned manufacturing firm with over fifty years of experience. The company has been serving clients in the United States, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Costa Rica.

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