Stella McCartney selects naNea polyester

OceanSafe’s naNea materials are employed in the new special edition Camaleonda sofa system by Mario Bellini with an ‘S-Wave’ monogram fabric designed by Stella McCartney.

Available in different colours, the S-Wave upholstery is based on naNea yarn designed to replace conventional polyester. It is verified to be biodegradable, Cradle-to-Cradle Certified Gold and does not contain harmful substances. Additionally, it is not eco-toxic and recyclable along with PET, making it truly circular and suitable for re-entering technical and biological cycles.

The Camaleonda is the second collaboration between McCartney and the Italian design house and was launched at the grand opening of B&B Italia’s Design Studio at Art Basel in Miami Beach.

The partnership was born of as a result of McCartney’s long-time passion for Bellini’s works and started in 2022 with the Le Bambole armchair. The Camaleonda sofa system was originally designed in 1970 and has made a comeback 50 years later.

“I have loved Mario Bellini’s designs for years, and I cannot put into words how thrilled I am to see my prints on his pieces once again,” said McCartney. “This collaboration is a harmony of our shared passions for next-generation sustainability and timeless craftsmanship.”

The Stella McCartney x B&B Italia Camaleonda collection is now on sale B&B Italia stores globally.

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