Stephanie L Sciullo Takes the Helm as President of MSA America, Poised to Drive Continued Growth

In a significant move that highlights her exceptional leadership and contributions to the company, Stephanie L Sciullo has been appointed as the President of MSA America at MSA Safety. With this promotion, Sciullo will assume responsibility for the company’s business interests in the United States, Canada, and Latin America, bringing her vast experience and transformative vision to drive continued growth and execute the company’s strategic objectives.

Sciullo’s appointment comes on the heels of Steve Blanco’s election as President and Chief Operating Officer of MSA Safety, demonstrating the company’s commitment to cultivating talent from within its ranks and empowering individuals who have played pivotal roles in its success.

A dynamic and highly respected leader, Sciullo has been an integral part of MSA since joining the company in 2010. Throughout her tenure, she has held various significant positions and helped guide the organization through periods of growth and transformation. Her invaluable contributions have seen her successfully navigate complex business challenges and spearhead crucial initiatives.

Nish Vartanian, MSA Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer expressed his confidence in Sciullo, emphasizing her exceptional leadership qualities and dedication to the company’s mission and customers. He commended her for consistently leading by example and highlighted her deep appreciation for MSA’s culture.

Sciullo’s extensive experience and expertise have been key assets to MSA Safety. As the Senior Vice President and Chief Legal Officer, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Public Affairs, she played a vital role in guiding the company’s legal strategies and corporate social responsibility initiatives. She also demonstrated her capabilities by successfully resolving disputes involving assets valued at over $1 billion and overseeing the divestiture of a wholly-owned subsidiary, marking the largest strategic transaction in the company’s 109-year history.

Educationally accomplished, Sciullo graduated with honors from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law and holds a bachelor’s degree in politics and philosophy, also from the University of Pittsburgh, where she graduated summa cum laude. Additionally, she is an alumna of Harvard Business School’s General Management Programme. Prior to her tenure at MSA Safety, she practiced law with Reed Smith, LLP and served as an adjunct faculty member at the University of Pittsburgh and Duquesne University Schools of Law.

As President of MSA America, Sciullo’s responsibilities will extend beyond traditional business interests. She will continue to serve as the executive sponsor and spokesperson for the company’s corporate social responsibility programs, reinforcing MSA Safety’s commitment to making a positive impact on society and the communities it serves.

Under Sciullo’s leadership, MSA America is poised to thrive and capitalize on new opportunities within the safety products and solutions industry. With her transformative vision, dedication to the company’s mission, and wealth of experience, she is expected to drive continued growth, foster innovation, and solidify MSA Safety’s position as the leading global manufacturer of safety products and solutions.

As Stephanie L Sciullo assumes her new role, the industry eagerly awaits the impact she will undoubtedly make, propelling MSA America towards a future marked by even greater success and achievement.



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