Surplex Facilitates Auction of High-Quality Richpeace Medical Mask Production Lines to Meet Ongoing and Future Demands

Surplex, a leading European industrial auction house, is currently hosting an auction for four state-of-the-art Richpeace medical mask production lines. These production lines, situated at the Haarlem site in the Netherlands, were originally acquired by a Dutch automotive supplier in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. The purpose was to ensure a stable supply of face masks for their employees amidst delivery challenges across Europe. Now, Surplex is providing an opportunity for interested buyers to acquire these reliable and affordable machinery through their online platform.

Manufactured by the renowned Chinese company Richpeace, these production lines have gained recognition for their expertise in textiles and sewing. The automated lines are specifically designed to produce high-quality 3-layered face masks and operate in two stations. In the first station, the three fabric layers are skillfully combined to maximize virus protection, with the option of incorporating a wire nose bridge for added comfort and fit. The composite is then precisely welded, folded, cross-welded, and cut, resulting in masks measuring 175×95 mm. In the second station, two elastic ear loops are securely attached to the masks through welding. The finished products are subsequently stacked, packed, and made ready for distribution.

Patrick van Goor, the project manager and auction manager at Surplex, emphasizes the increasing trend of companies opting for B2B auctions to find high-quality machinery at cost-effective prices, even outside insolvency situations. He highlights Surplex’s comprehensive logistics services, ensuring safe worldwide transport of purchased machines, including managing customs matters.

Despite the projected annual sales decline of nearly 27% over the next four years, the medical mask market is expected to reach a substantial volume of $2.13 billion by 2027, with a projected production of 7.76 billion masks. This indicates that while the demand for face masks may diminish as the COVID-19 pandemic subsides, there will continue to be a need for medical masks across various sectors. The global health crisis has underscored the importance of preparedness for future challenges, such as the resurgence of infectious diseases or the emergence of new viruses. Additionally, the effectiveness of wearing masks in reducing the spread of respiratory illnesses has led to increased societal acceptance, particularly when interacting with vulnerable populations. This shift in social norms has created new markets for mask manufacturers, further bolstering the demand for mask production equipment.

Surplex’s auction presents an excellent opportunity for textile technology companies and medical device manufacturers to optimize their capacities by acquiring these high-quality and cost-effective Richpeace production lines. Leveraging their extensive experience in buying and selling used industrial equipment, Surplex aims to support industrial companies in finding suitable machinery while ensuring a streamlined purchasing process.

Although the mask segment in Asia is projected to generate approximately $7.49 billion in revenue this year, investing in used production equipment offers several advantages in a contracting market, including reduced investment costs and the potential for favorable returns on investment.

As the world adapts to the evolving challenges posed by global health crises, the availability of reliable and efficient mask production equipment remains crucial. Surplex’s auction provides a robust platform for companies to acquire top-notch machinery, enabling them to meet ongoing demands while preparing for future uncertainties.

For further details and to participate in the auction, interested parties are encouraged to visit Surplex’s online platform before May 22, 2023.


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