Sustainable and affordable wellness fabrics empowered by Nanobionic

Technology represents a convergence of science, affordability, and environmental responsibility.

In the dynamic landscape of fabric technology, a revolutionary force is reshaping the future of apparel — Nanobionic technology. This mineral-based coating which can be applied to any fabric without constraints introduces a new era where wellness seamlessly integrates with textiles.

The brilliance of Nanobionic lies in its simplicity: activated by body heat, the embedded minerals emit far-infrared rays back to the body, fostering benefits that span physical recovery, sleep quality, and overall performance enhancement.

NASA recognition

As an industry pioneer, Nanobionic has been the only company of its kind to ever receive recognition from NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) and to also receive the FDA’s General Wellness determination, emphasizing both its scientific credibility and safety.

With over 13 international awards and validation from seven scientific studies,including a recent study from UC Berkeley in California, Nanobionic stands at the forefront of wellness fabric technology. Renowned athletes across various sports, as well as top-tier apparel companies such as Loro Piana, Canali and Fila footwear, have embraced Nanobionic, highlighting its capacity to elevate both athletic performance and daily comfort.

Nanobionic’s impact extends beyond the realm of luxury apparel and sportswear, reaching into the soft bedding and furniture space through global partnerships with industry leaders like Lazboy, Sealy furniture and many more. This diversification underscores the versatility of Nanobionic technology, providing wellness benefits not just in our apparel, but also in the spaces where we live and work.

Plant based

In a pivotal move toward sustainability, Nanobionic technology distinguishes itself further by utilizing plant-based polymers in its production. This eco-friendly approach aligns with the growing demand for environmentally conscious solutions in the textile industry. Additionally, Nanobionic remains committed to affordability, making these wellness fabrics accessible to a broader audience.

As we explore the transformative potential of Nanobionic technology in textiles, it becomes evident that the future of apparel is about innovation and well-being but also about sustainability and inclusivity. Nanobionic’s journey represents a convergence of science, affordability, and environmental responsibility, propelling us toward a future where wellness fabrics are integral to our everyday lives.

Nanobionic Technology – how it works…

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