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Eton Systems software continuously accumulates, processes and makes all production information instantly available

TMAS members at Techtextil and Texprocess 2024 in Frankfurt will showcase cutting-edge technologies in line with the digitalization focus. According to TMAS Secretary General Therese Premler-Andersson, textile producers must adopt digitalization to sustain growth and innovation or risk hindrances in their development.

Automatic Handling

Eton Systems will present its cutting-edge automated handling solutions for textiles and furniture at Texprocess. These technologies aim to increase manufacturing efficiency by optimizing transportation procedures and eliminating manual handling. ETONingenious™ software tracks and manages individual product carriers. This program, with its real-time data collection capabilities, gives supervisors and management immediate access to important production information.

Eton CEO Jerker Krabbe highlights the software’s transparency and adaptability to various production settings, reflecting Eton’s commitment to customer-driven innovation and continuous improvement. The web-based interface of ETONingenious ensures seamless integration into diverse manufacturing environments, offering a powerful tool for enhancing operational performance.

Bespoke Seams

Visit stand D49 in Hall 8 at Texprocess to witness Svegea showcasing their cutting-edge EC 300-XS colarette technology, a favourite among garment manufacturers worldwide for creating tubular apparel components like cuff and neck tapes. Svegea’s Managing Director, HĂĄkan Steene, emphasises the increasing efficiency of their bespoke machines through automation, catering to the growing trend of reshoring operations closer to key European and US markets. 

The EC 300-XS collarette cutter features a state-of-the-art E-Drive II system with a user-friendly touchscreen for precise control over the cutting process. Additionally, they will showcase the FA 350 fully automatic roll slitting machine for a comprehensive display of their innovative solutions. Steene highlights the machines’ impeccable synchronisation of tubular fabric, offering a diverse range of automatic collarette band-cutting machines tailored to customer needs.

Digital Finishing

During Techtextil, Baldwin Technology Co. will unveil the complete functionality of its highly advanced TexCoat G4 non-contact spray technology at the event. This innovative solution is designed for textile finishing and remoistening, boasting remarkable reductions in water, chemicals, and energy consumption. Moreover, TexCoat G4 offers customizable options to meet individual customer needs for both single and double-sided finishing applications. 

With the capability to slash water usage and chemical consumption by up to 50% compared to conventional methods, TexCoat G4 has gained widespread adoption globally. Noteworthy installations include prominent sites like North Carolina State University, Graniteville Specialty Fabrics, and Pincroft in the USA, as well as Fakhruddin Textile Mills in Bangladesh. Rick Stanford, the VP of global business development, highlighted the positive feedback from textile finishers who have embraced TexCoat for enhanced profitability, energy efficiency, and environmental sustainability. Visit stand D63 in Hall 12 at Techtextil to engage with Baldwin’s groundbreaking textile innovations.

Yarn Tension

Assisting in enhancing the precision of the latest high-speed weaving systems is the speciality of two additional TMAS companies participating in Techtextil. Eltex, marking its 60th anniversary this year, will showcase the cutting-edge Eltex EyETM system at stand C53 in Hall 12. The Eltex EyETM system is designed for the continuous monitoring of yarn tension on warp beams, effectively addressing challenges during warping and subsequent weaving or tufting processes. By monitoring yarn tension in real-time and allowing operators to set specific tension thresholds, the Eltex EyETM system assists in maintaining optimal tension levels. Furthermore, the Eltex ACT and ACT-R units not only monitor but also actively control yarn tension, offering a versatile solution that automatically adjusts to variations in tension. Brian Hicks, the CEO of Eltex, emphasises the critical role of yarn tension in ensuring top-notch quality in modern textile production setups.

Accumulated Know-How

Vandewiele Sweden AB, located at stand D20, Hall 12, leverages the synergies and extensive expertise of the Vandewiele Group, a renowned leader in the market. They specialise in providing weft yarn feeding and tension control units for weaving looms to numerous weaving machine manufacturers. Additionally, they offer retrofit services to enhance the productivity and control of existing mills with their cutting-edge technologies. The company is set to showcase their latest innovation, the X4 yarn feeders featuring integrated accessory displays (TED) as the new industry standard. 

Alongside this, they are launching their e-commerce platform, iroonline.com. The X4 feeders come with the TED function, enabling seamless transfer of weft tension settings between machines for swift start-ups. Moreover, the X4 feeders can be equipped with integrated active tension control (ATC-W) for precise tension setting and monitoring during the weaving process, ensuring consistent and accurate yarn tension levels through advanced sensor technology.

Supply Chain Infrastructure

According to Premler-Andersson, companies across the manufacturing supply chain must enhance their infrastructures due to impending legal mandates. These regulations, such as the EU strategy focusing on sustainable and circular textiles along with the digital product passport, will necessitate a commensurate level of digital transformation. Embracing digitalization not only assists manufacturers in fulfilling the sustainability expectations of stakeholders but also enhances transparency in the supply chain and resource management. Premler-Andersson eagerly anticipates exploring the digital innovations proposed by TMAS affiliates during the Techtextil and Texprocess exhibitions.

Advances in automation are making the specialised, bespoke machines engineered by Swegea ever more efficient.

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