Taiwan’s Dahsheng Chemical Revolutionizes Insole Technology with Durapontex N-Series Launch at Materials Shows

Breaking new ground in footwear innovation, Dahsheng Chemical (DSC), a renowned performance foam manufacturer based in Taiwan, has unveiled its groundbreaking Durapontex N-Series at the prestigious NE and NW Materials Shows. DSC has made history by being the pioneer brand to implement supercritical foaming technology on a large scale for insoles.

This extraordinary achievement marks a significant advancement in both comfort and sustainability. The Durapontex N-Series boasts an impressive range of features, including various densities and rebounds, with models such as the resilient Durapontex N20. DSC’s meticulous control over the supercritical foaming environment and the infusion of nitrogen gas emissions have given birth to a lightweight foam cell structure. This structure, characterized by consistent spacing between bubble-like cells, delivers an exceptionally comfortable and ultra-lightweight insole with unmatched resiliency and rebound.

Moreover, DSC’s dedication to environmental responsibility shines through with the Durapontex N-Series being 100% recyclable. This commitment to sustainability is in line with DSC’s overarching mission to drive eco-innovation, epitomized by its sustainable business plan, Run the Relay. Among its notable contributions to sustainable products is the Dreamcell Zero, crafted entirely from recycled foam waste, and the inventive Dreamcell Xpresso, incorporating 20% spent coffee grounds to reduce fossil fuel usage, waste, greenhouse gas emissions, and energy consumption in the production process.

Speaking on this monumental achievement, Johnson Chang, CEO of Dahsheng Chemical, expressed his pride in the DSC innovation team’s success in developing the Durapontex N-Series using supercritical foaming technology. The process, requiring meticulous temperature and pressure control, has resulted in an athlete’s dream come true—remarkable rebound, resilience, and an unparalleled energy return.

Athlete testing at the Portland Track Festival this year has yielded exceptional feedback, with participants lauding the N-Series for its remarkable softness, bounce, and newfound status as a favored insole on the track.

The Durapontex N-Series launch has sent shockwaves through the industry, setting a new standard for insole technology and sustainability practices. With DSC at the forefront of this revolutionary development, the future of athletic footwear has never been more promising.


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