Technical Textile Diversity, Challenges and Interesting Involvement

There is currently a lot of discussion surrounding technical textiles, but not many industry stakeholders are genuinely aware of the true potential of this field. The government has introduced the National Technical Textile Mission Scheme (NTTM) to encourage investment in technical textiles.

Due to globalization and the end of quotas, conventional textiles are experiencing shrinking profit margins, resulting in mass production being outsourced to neighboring countries for many apparel products. The way forward is through functional textiles, which offer more significant opportunities. While some companies have already been working on technical textile segments, the focus and priority have increased once India recognized the growth potential. This growth can only be achieved through innovation. The country’s Centers of Excellence (COE) are actively involved in research and development in this field, going beyond mere testing and research purposes. In a recent joint conference held by BTRA, SITRA, ATIRA, and NITRA, industry professionals witnessed the developments in research and growth and enthusiastically provided valuable feedback.

The textile industry has become captivating and dynamic due to numerous buyers from different sectors. These buyers constantly seek alternative materials that offer advantages over traditional materials, such as lightweight properties, cost competitiveness, and other benefits.

An exciting application can be observed in the automobile and airline industries, where instead of using steel, fabric or composite materials can be utilized to manufacture vehicle bodies or other components. Similarly, the medical segment can replace external parts or tubes with textiles infused with nano-technology. Textiles’ versatility, sustainable nature, and unique properties allow them to cater to various industries. Therefore, the diverse range of industries provides immense growth opportunities, mainly through focused approaches, industry partnerships, extensive research, and the advantageous position of a pioneer in this field.

The TechTextil India event held in September 2023 witnessed a significant influx of enthusiastic buyers, exhibitors, and visitors who showcased immense interest in this segment and increased investments. The event highlighted the remarkable shift of technology players from traditional textiles to this emerging sector. Leveraging the same technology, innovative products can be developed to cater to a new industry, presenting a tremendous opportunity for growth.

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