Technology Innovation in Home Textile Industry – The Way of Resurgence

The centuries old Indian Home Textile Industry falls under the purview of the Textile Industry and this sector has remained in the nascent stage since the beginning to till mid 90’s. The Home Textiles Industry in India has gained momentum only in the recent years though there had been some innovations and product diversification in 80’s. It is reported that with the increased exposure to the international scenario in the last couple of years, the domestic market has grown up in multifold. Besides, consumer’s choice and desire has got a paradigm shift from the traditional products to fashioned& trendy products. There is a good demand for both branded and unbranded products. However; the study reveals, enhanced consumer purchase power and low penetration level of unbranded products in urban and rural areas, have attracted the international brand to the country and a few international brand shave discovered Indian market especially appealing. In addition, liberal Foreign Trade Policy has encouraged foreign investment and thus resulted ingrowing competition between multinational and domestic manufacturers. The shift from the traditional product towards branded products in the domestic market has become more pronounced in the recent past, with an easy availability of international branded products.

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