Textiles are safer & healthier with Durak Bug Safe thread

The newest product from Durak Tekstil, Durak Bug Safe thread, provides a safe, environmentally friendly approach to keep pests and tiny insects away from textile items without using hazardous chemicals.

With the development of its Bug Safe thread, Durak Tekstil, a maker of industrial sewing and embroidery threads, solves the issue of insects and flies in a variety of applications, particularly in bed and household textile items. In addition to its ability to repel insects and not kill them, Bug Safe thread is free of chemicals that are hazardous to people or the environment. This helps to safeguard the ecosystem and the environment.

These pests and insects, which are nearly undetectable to the human eye, require warm, moist habitats in order to survive and proliferate. The interior layers of furniture, carpets, bedding, and even toys are penetrated by organic particles, such as food crumbs and skin residue from people and dogs, which provides these animals with a comfortable habitat. In order to keep tiny, health- and comfort-threatening insects like bed bugs, mosquitoes, and mites away from textile items and usage areas, Durak Tekstil conducted extensive research and development to create the Durak Bug Safe thread. This new solution stops these critters from settling and reproducing in textile products, particularly in seam areas, because it doesn’t contain any compounds that are prohibited for use in permethrin.

More in-depth and long-lasting insect protection

Insects and pests can be found in every aspect of life, according to Yiğit Durak, marketing director and board member of Durak Tekstil, who also mentioned that numerous techniques are employed in textile products to combat these issues: “People can create favourable environments for insects with both food residues and their own sheds.” A single adult sheds 1.5 grams of skin every day on average, which is sufficient for a million dust mites to survive. On textile surfaces like mattresses, sofas, carpets, and curtains, external odor and chemical treatments like sprays can be employed to reduce them; however, their effectiveness is limited and short-lived. Sprays and other remedies are ineffective in the holes and crevices made when sewing textiles, which can turn into perfect habitats for these pests to dwell and lay eggs.

Durak emphasized that the widespread usage of chemical components of permethrin, a type of banned pesticide, in insect repellent products presents hazards to human health and the environment. “Our main priority was not to use banned chemicals while developing a healthier and sustainable solution for textiles that we directly contact, like mattresses, sofas, and carpets,” Durak said in his remaining remarks. We employed a unique scent of naturally volatile lemongrass and geranium essential oils without permethrin for insect and pest repellency while creating the Durak Bug Safe thread. As a result, we were able to construct a shield that keeps insects out. We preserved our own comfort and well-being without causing any damage to the ecosystem.

Independent test laboratory registered the success of Durak Bug Safe

During the development of the Durak Bug Safe thread, Yiğit Durak revealed that they collaborated with an independent testing laboratory in Germany. They further clarified that the tests conducted on living organisms adhered to ethical guidelines in addition to being certified as technically competent. “The repellency level of our thread for mites, bedbugs, and mosquitoes has been demonstrated by the qualitative measurements made on the samples we have prepared,” he said. It has been stated that the initial testing findings for OEKO-TEX have been successful. We will be given the OEKO-TEX Class 1 accreditation after the tests are finished.

Durak Bug Safe thread was designed in a light color, but it can be produced in any color to meet client requirement. It prevents insects from living and reproducing in sewing and embroidery application areas. As long as it is not washed, the new thread offers lifelong protection and keeps its insect-repellent properties for up to 50 washes. Due to its versatility in textile applications, Durak Bug Safe thread presents manufacturers with new business prospects.He predicted that the Durak Bug Safe thread will become a dominant product in both domestic and international markets, noting that regions with hot, humid climates will be the primary beneficiaries.

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