Textiles in aerospace applications

The time of thinking fibers as source of producing clothing and home textile products is still vibrant in the market, however, the wave of innovation is inundating higher. Land, water and air- all are witnessing the fascinating services of textiles. Today, it is one of the gigantic disciplines of product development for engineering applications. In terms of the material performance, textiles can be seen working at the interdisciplinary level by offering the several technical advantages that may not be accumulated in as ingle material traditionally known.

The companies and countries not cultivating any natural fiber crop; or least significant in such activity are in a position of making milestone achievement through innovative development, and producing engineered textiles. Being resourceful in bringing up innovation with an enhanced research and technology incubation cycle the industrialized countries, including USA, Western Europe, and Japan made better advancement, however, the Asian achievers China and India are becoming significant.

What has turned the textile materials to be in demanding position for out of home articles! It is the functional character in producing the desired performance. There are several factors supporting the increased consumption of textiles in special applications. Over the past several decades, textile fibers have captured an inevitable position in composition and as an integral part of product structure.

The advancement in material science has placed an increased emphasis in finding novel or innovative substitutes to excel in performance the existing composites. Lighter in weight, flexible in handling, soft in touch, comparable in strength with metals, modifiable in size and shape; and all these characteristics in an affordable price had provided the interesting novel applications to textile materials. Therefore, it is not unusual to realize astream of innovative fibrous composition in above and beneath the land space.

Illuminating the advanced value in textiles has an influence on traditional growing country to appreciate the spirit of innovation, place mind set beyond yarn and grey cloth, and attempt to generate an enhanced contribution to techno- socio development of country.

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