The Buyers Conclave 2023: Bihar Weaving its future!

The highly anticipated “The Buyer’s Conclave 2023”, a premier event in the textile and leather industry, brought together more than 20 influential leaders from leading textile companies across India. The event, took place on the 22nd of June 2023, aimed to foster networking opportunities, knowledge sharing, and exploration of the infrastructure and facilities provided by the Department of Industries, Government of Bihar.

Under the visionary leadership of Hon’ble Chief Minister Shri. Nitish Kumar, Bihar is actively working towards creating an industry-centric ecosystem. The government’s outcome-oriented measures, including policy and regulatory reforms, infrastructure development, and institutional improvements, are shaping the new Bihar and promoting sustainable practices.

Bihar, an emerging industrial powerhouse, is propelling itself toward sustainable industrialization and economic development. Recognizing the significance of the Textile and Leather sector as a major employment provider in the country, the state is paving the way for its growth. With abundant raw materials, a young and experienced workforce, competitive operational expenses, a single window system, an untapped market, and easy access to neighboring countries for exports, Bihar has become an attractive investment destination.

The’ Buyers Conclave holds great significance as it showcases the combined efforts of businesses and the government in fostering profitable ventures while upholding Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals. This event aims to facilitate meaningful relationships between buyers and suppliers, creating a mutually beneficial business ecosystem. By combining profitability with a positive impact on the environment and society, this ecosystem promotes economic growth and generates significant employment opportunities, allowing brands to fulfill their social responsibilities.

The conclave featured presentations by senior officials at Muzaffarpur and included an open session with Shree Sandeep Poundrik, Additional Chief Secretary, Department of Industries at Patna for Q&A, providing attendees with valuable insights and opportunities for dialogue. Confirmed speakers at the event include renowned industry leaders such as Fab India, PDS, Knitcraft, Giniemode, Chennaisilk etc.

The Government of Bihar has taken significant strides to create an investor-friendly environment, with a special focus on the Textile and Leather sector. Through the “Bihar Industrial Investment Promotion Policy (Textile & Leather Policy), 2022,” the state offers lucrative incentives such as Capital Subsidy, Interest Subvention, SGST reimbursement, electricity duty reimbursement, employment generation subsidies, power tariff subsidies, and skill development subsidies. These incentives are disbursed transparently and in a timely manner through an online process by the Department of Industries.

The Textile and Leather industry in Bihar not only provides employment opportunities for a significant number of people but also encourages the growth of medium and small-scale industries. The government’s support, coupled with the state’s skilled craftsmen and various schemes, creates a conducive environment for the sector’s expansion.

Furthermore, Bihar offers state-of-the-art “Plug & Play” facilities at affordable rates, ranging from Rs 4 to 8 per Sq. Ft./Month. These pre-constructed facilities with essential infrastructure help textile and leather sector units establish operations with lower operating costs, leading to increased efficiency. The Bihar Industrial Area Development Authority (BIADA) also provides 3000 Acres of ready-to-use land bank on a 90-year lease across Bihar, with an initial lease term of 15 years. The land and shed allotment process is transparent, online, and efficient, ensuring quick access to necessary facilities for businesses.

The state boasts a robust single-window system for industrial clearances and approvals, ensuring a time-bound process. The Department of Industries facilitates direct dialogue between the Industries department and new/existing entrepreneurs, supporting them in obtaining the necessary NOCs/approvals from other departments through regular weekly meetings. These initiatives create a conducive environment for investments and contribute to Bihar’s overall development.

In a commendable move, the Department of Industries has set up the Muzaffarpur bag cluster, a sustainable, inclusive, and scalable development model for the textile industry. Collaborating with a Mumbai-based anchor unit and aspiring women entrepreneurs from the local community, this initiative has fostered transparent and responsive public service delivery. Beneficiaries have benefited from streamlined processes, with approvals and financial assistance provided directly to their accounts through an online and transparent system. The Muzaffarpur bag cluster, largely run by women entrepreneurs and local women workers, has created a strong ecosystem and paved the way for more bag clusters and readymade garments units in the state.











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