The Vast Scope Of Nonwovens Beyond Clothing

Nonwoven textiles are a core element of humanity’s past. They are also one of the materials that will create its future. As technology evolves, so do nonwovens, and the world of these textiles is forever expanding. Some of the industries that rely on nonwovens may be surprising.

The very first fabrics humanity created were nonwoven textiles. Archaeological evidence for felt dates back to 6500 BCE, predating woven and knitted fibres by many centuries. Because they are made directly from fibres, nonwoven textiles are much faster and easier to make than knitted or woven ones. The age of the technology, however, doesn’t mean that there is no innovation in the world of nonwovens.

In the twenty-first century, nonwovens are among the most widely used textiles on the planet. It is because they are not just part of the world of fashion, and their modern uses go far beyond clothing and crafts. Not only are they easy to adapt to different utilities, but they are also resilient and can provide enhanced protection against liquids and even resist the growth of microorganisms. Here are a few industries that use nonwoven textiles, and some of the more offbeat ways these industries use them.

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