The World’s Largest Event for the Defossilisation of Chemicals and Materials

The Renewable Materials Conference will take place from 11-13 June 2024 in Siegburg/Cologne (Germany) and online.

Hürth (Germany), May 8, 2024: The conference is the premier event for industry, academia, investors, and governments interested in defossilizing chemicals and materials by replacing fossil carbon with biomass, CCU, and recycling. More than 200 people have registered six weeks before the event, with 500 to 600 more expected.

What’s the difference between decarbonisation and defossilisation? Decarbonization in the energy and fuel sectors entails replacing carbon-based fuels with electricity and hydrogen.Biofuels are currently considered part of the decarbonization process, as the phrase generally refers to fossil CO₂ emissions.

The chemicals and materials industry faces a totally different position. Most intermediates and products have embedded carbon, and are even based on carbon, which cannot be replaced by anything else. In fact, this industry necessitates a consistent and even increasing need for carbon. Only the accompanying process energy can be decarbonised, not the chemicals and materials themselves. However, they can be defossilized if the carbon source is not fossil carbon from the ground, such as crude oil, natural gas, or coal.

The conference focuses on three alternatives to fossil carbon extraction: biomass, CO₂ utilisation, and recycling. The innovative notion of displaying all renewable material solutions at a single event is spot on and encompasses the entire value chain of the renewable carbon economy.

Over three days, prominent speakers from industry, academia, and politics will present and discuss the latest advances in strategy, technology, innovation, policy, and market trends to a worldwide audience of experts through 80 presentations, 20 panel discussions, and more than ten workshops. The complete program is already in place, and six innovations have been nominated for the “Renewable Material of the Year 2024” award. Companies, associations, and institutes are still welcome to offer workshops and participate in the show.

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