TOLKAR focuses on environmental and corporate sustainability with its solutions

Developing solutions for textile finishing and laundries, TOLKAR will launch the TOLKAR FUTURE Central Control System and Automatic Loading and Unloading Through Automation system at ITM 2024.

TOLKAR, standing out with its textile finishing and laundry technologies, is taking its place at ITM 2024 to meet the local and global market during the busy business season. The company will host its visitors at Hall 11A Booth 1130/B at the international textile technologies exhibition ITM 2024 to be held in TÜYAP on June 4-8. TOLKAR will attend the exhibition with an information booth this year, while sharing its new product and system launches with ITM visitors via video. Making a difference in recent years with textile solutions based on environmentally friendly and sustainable ozone technology, the company will introduce the TOLKAR FUTURE Central Control System and TOLKAR FUTURE Automatic Loading and Unloading Through Automation system this year.

TOLKAR has created a strong vision for sustainable textile production with washing solutions based on ozone technology in recent years, and its focus at ITM is on increasing production costs and corporate sustainability. Thanks to the TOLKAR FUTURE Central Control System and Automatic Loading and Unloading Through Automation system that will be launched, textile manufacturers and laundry administrators will be able to achieve greater efficiency. These innovations, developed as a response to cost increases and sustainable savings demands, once again show that the company is a leader with solutions that make a difference ecologically and economically.

Digital control and increased automation increase corporate sustainability

Developed by the TOLKAR R&D unit consisting of competent engineers and interdisciplinary experts, the TOLKAR Future Automation Controlled Smart Conveyor System optimises the recipe process based on manual calculations. This system, connected to the central system through the operator, feeds the machine by calculating the correct amounts of water, chemicals and all other materials required for production. In this way, textiles and laundry are processed and washed in accordance with the desired programs and recipes. This makes it possible to calculate production costs accurately while maintaining standard product quality.

TOLKAR conveyor system, which performs automatic loading and unloading through a central control system and automation, was designed as a necessary solution for new generation laundries. With machines and carrier conveyors communicating with each other, this system increases the efficiency, daily production speed and volume in the facility. Among the main advantages of the system, the following stand out: 90% labour savings with the help of automatic loading conveyor and shuttle; Minimization of efficiency and time losses due to operator errors; Maximum efficiency through fast loading and unloading; Minimum chemical usage through automatic chemical dosing; Recipe transfer and machine selection from the central system control unit; Drying outlet conveyor and reporting.

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