Trade Remedies Authority Initiates Scope Review on Countervailing Measures for Glass Fibre Products from Egypt

In a significant development for the glass fibre industry, the Trade Remedies Authority (TRA) has initiated a scope review on countervailing measures imposed on continuous filament glass fibre products imported from Egypt. The review comes in response to an application filed by GRP Solutions Ltd (GRP Solutions), a prominent player in the sector, requesting the removal of duties on mats made of glass fibre filaments from Egypt.

The TRA, responsible for safeguarding the interests of UK industries against unfair trade practices, received GRP Solutions’ application, which cited the revocation of countervailing measures on similar products from China as the basis for their request. The transition review for continuous filament glass fibre products from China, known as TS0009, resulted in the retention of measures on chopped strands and rovings but found no evidence of mat production within the UK. As a result, duties on mats from China were revoked.

Capitalizing on this precedent, GRP Solutions argued that if the measure was lifted for mats from China due to the absence of domestic production, the same rationale should apply to mats imported from Egypt.

After careful assessment of the evidence presented by GRP Solutions, the TRA has determined that a scope review is warranted. The review process will involve the publication of a statement of essential facts by the TRA, outlining its recommendation. This will provide an opportunity for interested parties to comment and present additional evidence to support their views. The TRA will thoroughly consider these comments before reaching a final decision, which will be submitted to the secretary of state.

The scope review has garnered attention within the glass fibre industry, as it has the potential to impact trade dynamics and competition in the market. Importers, manufacturers, and other stakeholders will closely monitor the TRA’s evaluation of the evidence and subsequent decision, as it will influence the future landscape of glass fibre product imports from Egypt.

The TRA’s commitment to undertaking scope reviews underscores its responsibility to maintain fair trade practices and ensure the appropriate application of countervailing measures. By thoroughly assessing the evidence provided by GRP Solutions and inviting comments from interested parties, the TRA aims to make an informed decision that strikes the right balance between protecting domestic industry interests and promoting a competitive and sustainable trade environment.

As the scope review progresses, interested parties are encouraged to stay informed and actively participate in the process by submitting their comments and evidence. The TRA’s final decision will undoubtedly have far-reaching implications for the glass fibre industry and shape the future of imports from Egypt.

For more details on the TRA’s scope review process, interested individuals and organizations can refer to the operational guidance available from the authority.

The glass fibre industry eagerly awaits the TRA’s statement of essential facts and subsequent decision, which will be eagerly awaited by the glass fibre industry.


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