Unifi’s Repreve Recycled Polyester Revolutionizes the Fashion Industry with Groundbreaking Climate Impact Reduction

In a momentous stride towards combatting climate change and promoting sustainability, Unifi, Inc., the visionary makers of Repreve and pioneers in recycled and synthetic yarns, have unveiled groundbreaking findings from an independent peer-reviewed Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). The assessment confirms what eco-conscious consumers and environmentally-driven brands have long hoped for – Repreve recycled polyester is a game-changer in lowering climate change potential compared to traditional virgin polyester.

Repreve, an innovative polyester fiber brand created by Unifi, is revolutionizing the fashion industry by transforming post-consumer plastic bottles and pre-consumer waste materials into high-quality, eco-friendly fabrics. With its diverse range of applications spanning apparel, automotive interiors, home furnishings, and beyond, Repreve is now a staple in products of some of the world’s most prestigious brands.

The recently conducted independent LCA examined the environmental impacts of Repreve across various categories and multiple global production sites, setting it side by side with virgin polyester produced in the same regions. The results, nothing short of astonishing, have sent shockwaves through the industry.

The LCA findings reveal that Repreve recycled polyester takes eco-friendliness to a whole new level:

1. Cutting-Edge Reduction in Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Repreve slashes greenhouse gas emissions by an impressive 42% when compared to virgin filament yarn. However, the impact is even more remarkable, reaching an astonishing 60% reduction when compared to virgin staple fiber. This means that fashionistas can now enjoy the latest trends guilt-free, knowing that their style choices contribute significantly to a greener planet.

2. Fossil Fuels Depletion Defied: The world is struggling with the depletion of fossil fuels, but Repreve offers a beacon of hope. With reductions of up to 66% relative to virgin filament yarn and an incredible 76% compared to virgin staple fiber, Repreve is proving to be the sustainable superhero our planet desperately needs.

3. Preserving Precious Water Resources: Addressing concerns over water scarcity, Repreve excels once again, achieving a remarkable 76% reduction in water scarcity and an impressive 67% reduction in freshwater consumption compared to virgin filament yarn. These figures speak volumes about the dedication Unifi has invested in creating a product that not only minimizes waste but also conserves our precious water resources.

Eddie Ingle, the visionary Chief Executive Officer of Unifi, Inc., expressed his delight, stating, “Repreve polyester provides an alternative that not only reduces climate change potential but also delivers an immediate impact on the sustainability goals of our esteemed partner brands. We strive to be great stewards for our planet and future generations, and we are thrilled to be able to help others do the same.”

Meredith Boyd, the Senior Vice President of Sustainability, Technology & Innovation at Unifi, emphasized the brand’s commitment to transparency and traceability, adding, “It’s crucial for us to share our peer-reviewed LCA data to showcase the significant reductions Repreve polyester offers to critical environmental factors that otherwise accelerate climate change or deplete other limited resources.”

As consumers grow increasingly aware of the environmental impact of their choices, Repreve emerges as the beacon of hope for a brighter, sustainable future. With Unifi leading the charge, the fashion industry is set for a transformation that embraces both style and ecological responsibility.

In a world yearning for eco-friendly solutions, Repreve is the true embodiment of innovation meeting sustainability, proving that fashion and conscience can seamlessly coexist. With this landmark discovery, Unifi, Inc. solidifies its place as a trailblazer in driving real change and inspiring an entire industry to follow suit.

So, next time you slip into that chic Repreve-infused outfit, take pride in the fact that you are not only making a fashion statement but also leaving a positive, lasting impact on the world we call home. The future of fashion is here, and it’s green, it’s sustainable, and it’s Repreve!


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