URBN Teams Up with o9 Solutions for Fashion-Forward Digital Transformation

In a strategic move to enhance its digital capabilities, URBN, the renowned portfolio of global consumer brands, has partnered with o9 Solutions, a leading enterprise AI software platform provider. This collaboration aims to drive URBN’s digital transformation journey and propel its merchandise planning to new heights using cutting-edge technology.

URBN, which encompasses well-known brands like Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, Free People, FP Movement, Anthropologie Weddings, Terrain, Menus & Venues, and Nuuly, has selected o9’s AI-powered merchandise planning solution to revolutionize decision-making processes and optimize profitability. By harnessing the power of o9 Solutions’ expertise in fashion apparel planning, URBN seeks to achieve its ambitious growth goals and stay ahead of the dynamic fashion industry.

o9 Solutions’ advanced technology will enable URBN to swiftly adapt to trends, seasonality, stock positions, promotions, and unique demand drivers across its brand portfolio. Leveraging AI-powered merchandise financial planning, assortment planning, demand planning, allocation, and replenishment capabilities, URBN will gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions. With o9’s support, URBN aims to determine the optimal product mix for its channels, regions, and stores, integrate predictive analytics and assumptions visibility, foster collaboration, and utilize advanced allocation and replenishment techniques to proactively meet consumer demand.

Rob Frieman, CIO of URBN, emphasized the significance of the partnership, stating, “To position URBN for long-term sustainable and profitable growth, we embarked on an extensive review of the retail software market to digitally transform our end-to-end merchandising strategy. It’s clear that o9 is a solution leader in fashion apparel planning. We look forward to working with o9’s superior technology and highly knowledgeable and experienced team to ensure we continue to meet the demand of our customers and grow market share across all of our brands.”

Chakri Gottemukkala, co-founder and CEO of o9 Solutions, expressed his excitement about supporting URBN’s mission to transform its merchandising strategy. He acknowledged that rapidly changing customer demands in an unpredictable market necessitate the adoption of next-generation technology. By leveraging o9’s scalable and proven AI-powered merchandising solution, URBN aims to capture customer intent, gain deeper insights, and proactively deliver the right product assortment across all channels.

This partnership between URBN and o9 Solutions signifies a joint commitment to innovation, efficiency, and customer satisfaction in the fashion industry. As URBN takes bold steps toward a digital future, it is poised to set new industry standards and solidify its position as a leader in global fashion retail.




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