US’ Glatfelter introduces GlatPure plant-based topsheets


  • Glatfelter introduces GlatPure plant-based topsheets, utilising advanced spunlace tech for comfort, sustainability, and customization.
  • Offering diverse options like organic cotton, hemp, and Lyocell, each topsheet ensures fast liquid handling and softness.
  • Production in France with plans for expansion in NC aligns with their commitment to innovation.

Glatfelter has launched GlatPure plant-based topsheets, crafted using advanced spunlace technology. These versatile and innovative topsheets bring together comfort, sustainability, and customisation, offering a variety to fit every need. They redefine hygiene standards, providing a soft and gentle feel with superior performance.

Through advanced spunlace technology, Glatfelter’s range of GlatPure topsheets offers a diverse selection of premium, plant-based, and natural fibre options for environmentally conscious consumers. Designed with sustainability in mind, each variant, such as GOTS-certified organic cotton, raw cotton, hemp, Lyocell, and their blends, delivers fast liquid handling, softness, and comfort. Each fibre contributes its own distinct performance attributes, ensuring an optimal level of hydrophilicity and other desired qualities. Whether it’s the hypoallergenic appeal of cotton or eco-friendly hemp and Lyocell, these topsheets are uniquely tailored to meet various consumer preferences. Demonstrating remarkable liquid handling capabilities, this range not only exemplifies Glatfelter’s sustainability values but also improves the user experience for those searching for environmentally conscious hygiene products, the company said in a press release.

While the company’s Soultz, France site currently produces these innovative topsheets, it is well-positioned to expand production to the Asheville, NC site as part of its ongoing commitment to innovation. This strategic positioning ensures the potential to enhance production capabilities for plant-based, plastic-free, and bio-based hygiene products, fortifying the supply chain and embracing a transformative standard of hygiene.

“Spunlace is an exceptionally clean technology – our solutions contain no binders, adhesives or chemical additives – and are manufactured under stringent hygiene controls. Our nonwoven fabrics provide outstanding absorbency with improved strength for wet and dry applications. Our predominantly cellulosic raw materials are responsibly sourced from renewable and certified forest resources which guarantee the chain of custody and ensure responsible management of the world’s forests,” said Maria Curran, The Asheville site leader.

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