US’ Hospeco Brands Group merges with Monarch Brands

US-based Hospeco Brands Group, a leading manufacturer of personal care, cleaning, and protection products, has announced its merger with Monarch Brands, a wholesaler and manufacturer of microfibre, commercial laundry linen, institutional textiles, and wiping products. The move is expected to expand Hospeco Brands Group’s offering of wiping solutions and microfibre while adding complementary new product lines to their already robust mix.

With this merger, Hospeco Brands Group gains new products to offer its existing customers and Monarch Brands gains access to Hospeco’s established distribution network. Additionally, the move will deepen the microfibre and wiping product offering, creating opportunities for mutual growth, both companies said in a joint press release.

All key management and sales staff will remain with Monarch Brands, and there will be no changes to existing customer relationships at this time. The two companies already share distribution in certain key markets, which is expected to accelerate market penetration.

“Joining forces with Monarch Brands exponentially strengthens the position of Hospeco Brands Group in the microfibre and wiper segments—gaining us a near leadership-share,” said Bill Hemann, executive vice president of Hospeco Brands Group. “Similarly, Monarch gains the ability to sell Hospeco Brands Group’s complementary products. We are perfect partner brands with aligned goals—providing meaningful product solutions and services through the commercial distribution community that help ensure clean, safe, and productive environments and provide care and comfort to millions around the globe. Our now-shared customer base will immediately recognise the value of our combined resources.”

“This merger is the natural evolution for the growth of Monarch Brands and Hospeco Brands Group. Together, we bring complementing products and talents into a single focus point to benefit all stakeholders. The collective product bundle positions us as an industry leader throughout North America. We are proud to be the newest member of the Hospeco Brands Group, and we look forward to growing together in the future,” said Hal Kanefsky, president of Monarch Brands.


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