US’ Noble Biomaterials’ Ionic+ Botanical tech gets EPA registration

Noble Biomaterials, a global leader in antimicrobial solutions for soft surface applications, announced its latest antimicrobial technology has received official EPA registration. Ionic+ Botanical uses a bio-based registered citric acid formula to inhibit the growth of microbes and reduce odour on fabric and other soft surfaces.

Noble Biomaterials began development of the proprietary Ionic+ Botanical formula in 2021 and filed for EPA registration as part of the development process. Registering the citric acid-based active formula allows Noble’s licensed partners to claim antimicrobial benefits such as ‘odour control’ and surface protection for various performance fabric applications.

Citric Acid is one of the most commonly used ingredients in food and beverage products, pharmaceutical and dietary products, and cleaning agents. The registration of Noble’s citric formula introduces this commonly used product into a whole new arena – the protection of textiles and other everyday manufactured materials. Noble has seen the growing interest in plant-based solutions and recognises that the Ionic+ Botanical technology can be an important step in meeting the demand for high performance, sustainable material preservation solutions.

“Sometimes innovative solutions are staring you right in the face,” said Joel Furey, founder and chief commercial officer at Noble Biomaterials. “Citric acid is used for so many things in our everyday lives and during the pandemic we noticed how much citric was used as an antimicrobial and disinfectant agent in various consumer products. This led us to explore its use in fabric applications. After significant research and development, we were able to engineer a novel approach that was both an effective and durable solution for the antimicrobial protection of textiles and other materials. Our product team deserves tremendous credit for bringing Ionic+ Botanical to market so quickly.”

Receiving an EPA registration is a big step in the process of advancing Noble’s Ionic+ Botanical products. Before manufacturers can sell products with antimicrobial actives in the United States, EPA must evaluate these products thoroughly to ensure that they meet federal safety standards to protect human health and the environment. EPA regulates antimicrobial actives by reviewing the toxicity of the ingredients and the potential for exposure. Approval of a product for registration is based on scientific assessment related to the identity, composition, potential adverse effects, and environmental fate of each EPA-registered product. After a lengthy review and the EPA determining that no adverse effects are expected to occur when the product is used according to the label directions, they grant product registration, the company said in a press release.

Over the past 5 years, Noble has seen increasing demand for Ionic+ and antimicrobial fabrics in active wear and health care. At the same time, the market has shifted to more sustainable fabric options requiring more wear with less care, or washings per use. Today, Ionic+ products are found in several categories, including athleisure, travel, home bedding and towels, and sports accessories. Noble is developing Ionic+ Botanical with select development partners, including Salomon— global leader in outdoor, and Trident– global leader in home textiles. Ionic+ Botanical products will be widely available in 2024.

“We hold ourselves to a very high bar,” said Furey. “We know it’s important to our Brand partners and ultimately the end users to bring products to the market that are built on integrity, efficacy, and sustainability. As our portfolio of antimicrobial solutions with Ionic+ continues to grow, we are excited to add now a plant-based option.”

The new Ionic+ Botanical product line compliments Noble’s established Ionic+ Mineral products built around the benefits of permanent silver technology to control bacteria on fabric. Noble has a history of groundbreaking innovation, covering the first EPA-registered silver-based textiles, advances in the use of silver metallised yarns and fibres in wound care, to the first silver antimicrobial textile on the International Space Station. Noble’s antimicrobial products are found on elite athletes, in healthcare and medical supplies, as well as in military applications.


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